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Who Would Have Guessed? I got my tongue pierced!!!

    On friday of last week I decided to get my tongue pierced.  I had

been wanting a tongue piercing for a while, but I did not know how my parents or friends would react. Yes I am over 18 years old, but i am still financially dependant on my parents and upsetting them would not be good. I am not look like the type of person to go out and get pierced, but I did anyways. I do not think that it was an act of rebellion simply because i am content on how my life is right now. I friend of mine got her tongue pierced and I thought that it looked kinda cool.

    So, last friday I convinced my friend to take me down to a local

piercing shop that had been recomended to me by a friend. The shop is called Outter Limits Tattoo and Piercing in So. Cal. If you live in the area I highly recomend them. If i decide to get any more piercings they will be the ones doing them. The minuite that i got in the shop I was greated by one of their piercers (i'm sorry i forgot her name). She asked me what I was there for and I said that I wanted to get my tongue pierced. She asked me if I had a vaild i.d. and then we went back into the back where the piercing room was.

     We sat down outside of the room and she gave me a sheet with all of

the after care instructions and i picked out my jewelry. I decided to go with a 14 gauge barbell. We went over the care procedures and she asked me if I had any questions. I didn't have any so we went on in. My friend was forced to wait outside because they didn't want to take the chance of my friend getting in the way of my piercing. When I get in to the room the piercer asks me to sin in a little chair. (i almost forgot, this place is the cleanest place that i have ever seen. you could eat off of the floor) Once I sat down in the chair she explained exactly what she was going to do.

    She made me rinse with listerine and man did that taste like @#$%.

She placed a napkin in my hand and said that if I wanted to wipe my mouth that I could do it with the napkin, but when the piercing started hold the napkin under my chin so i could catch the drool. Trust me it happens! She took out a toothpick and dipped it in some purple ink. From there she proceded to mark the spot several times until she got it right. In one instance between markings I wiped the drool off of my face with the napkin and it fell appart. I was so mad! Without thinking I touched my lip not my tongue with my finger and she said that we had to start all over. We did.

    After she marked my tongue she brought out the clamps.  She said that

the clamps were the worst part, but I did not find them to be a pain at all. Before she applied the clamps she said "are you sure you want to do this?" I replied and said pierce me. She then said that the actual piercing lasts less than a second and from the time that I was pierced until she got the jewelry on would be less than one minuite. It seemed like it lasted less than that.

    Once the clamps were on she said that she was ready and that she was

going to pierce me. Honestly I did not feel anything more than the clamps that were on my tongue. I did not feel the needle go through my tongue or anything. I could see in the mirror for a second how the needle was in my tongue with a cork on the bottom. the next thing that i know is that the needle is out and the barbell is in. The piercer replies "you are done.'' I thanked her several times and then I left with my new piercing.


THAT NIGHT: that night I went out to a party with some of my friends. Just as a little tip, don't be stupid like me and forget that you have a bar through your tongue that is surrounded by an open wound. I took a tequilla shot and I thought that i was going to die!

DAY AFTER: Woke up this morning and no swelling what so ever. I am surprised that my tongue was not bad at all. I guess the advil that I took the night before really works, not to mention that after that tequilla shot last night i was sucking on ice for the rest of the night. Showed dad and he was surprised, but not mad. Later on I showed mom and she gave me the 20 question routine, but again she wasn't mad. She went out and bought me an extra bottle of listerine so I would be assured that I would not run out. At night I am actually able to eat tacco bell. All i had was a been burrito, but still I was able to eat and my speech had not changed at all. Continued to use listerine and the Glycerol that the piercer gave me. Trust me they both are a lifesaver!!!

TWO DAYS AFTER: Tongue still swollen a little bit, but not too bad. No pain what so ever. Actually am able to go to Northwoods pizza and eat a cheese pizza. Dont try sausage or pepparoni because they both are spicy and you want to avoid spicy foods. Twards the end of the day tongue gets pretty swollen because I have to work constantly and my job requires me to talk to customers. Go home take more advil and clean as best i can.

TODAY (DEC. 1, 1998): Went to school today and showed my friends and they were shocked, but now a bunch of them want to get it since I told them how painless it is. Personally I love my tongue piercing!!! I had to give my final speech today in speech class. Did great. Only one person noticed that I had a tongue ring during my presentation and that person said that I talked clearer than when I did not have a tongue ring.

   To anyone if you want a tongue piercing, do it!!!  In my case there was

no pain what so ever and healing is going great. I cant wait to kiss my girlfriend, but I am going to follow the piercer's orders and not have any oral contact with her. DAMN!!! Tongue piercings are great because they are easy to hide and easy to show off if desired. If anyone is located in the So. Cal area and wants to get anything pierced go to Outter Limits Tattoo. They did great work and they are more sanitary than a doctor's office. I mean the girl that did my piercing went through it seemed like 8 pairs of gloves. They do the job right the first time. No need to worry when you go to Outter limits.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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