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Aaron's Tongue Piercing Experience - Cool!!

i my name is Aaron and I'm 17 years old and live in Southern California. I've been wanting to get my tongue pierced since about July of this year (98). I was always intrigued by people with tongue piercings, as I didn't see it often and I would just be amazed at it. When I saw someone with one I would just wanna keep looking and say Show me Show me!! Then a lady came into the restaurant where I work and she had her tongue pierced. And she was a mom! I started asking her where I would go to have it done safely and I can be sure they do it right. So she gave me the phone number.

The next day I called and made my appointment for Saturday at 3:30pm, after work. I was going down to "Think Ink" on Ventura Blvd in Southern California. After I made my appointment on that Tuesday, I told my mom I was going to get it done, before I knew I needed a parent to sign for it. She was against it at first but then she was awesome and said she wasn't gonna get in the way of something if I truly wanted it. And I really wanted it too! I was so excited!! So she agreed to take me down and support me! I was so happy!

Day 1, 3:00pm (11-21-98)

My work shift is over! YEAH! I was so excited and nervous, but fortunately I went in there knowledged because of this awesome web site and it's stories!! I drove home fast and ran into my house grabbed my mom and she drove me down there. I was armed with my Listerine, Anbesol, Gly-Oxide, and a ready attitude. So me and mom went to the counter and talked to the nice lady doing the piercing. She was very presentable and very very nice. We filled out the little form, it asked questions like, Have you had any alcohol over the last 8 hours, and stuff like that. Mom signed it and I decided to not use the Anbesol, cuz the lady said it wouldn't be that bad. I had taken a few Aspirin a half-hour before cuz I heard that helps. So she pulls me back into the little room, and I see the tools and my piece of new mouth jewelry in a little bag on the same table. She puts on her gloves, mom is standing there talking with the lady, and all was cool. Then she tells me to stick out my tongue as far as I can so she can inspect it and mark where it's gonna go. She said I had a good tongue =) Then I had to swoosh my mouth with Biotine, which is like Listerine but not as harsh. I come back out and she tells me to lie down on the bench thing, so I did and I again stuck out my tongue. Mom was behind me watching the whole thing so far and she continued to. Then the lady said, ok, I'll let you shut your eyes now. So I did fast! Shortly after I felt something long and sharp go right through my tongue! I could feel it go all the way through slowly! But it was not that bad!! I wasn't in major pain at all. It felt like how it does when you bite your tongue really hard, but it really wasn't that bad. Before I knew it she said. Ok, I'm finished. I opened my eyes and could feel my new tongue piercing! She gave me some Biotine again and I went to the little bathroom and spit it out. Then I looked in the mirror and saw it! I was so happy! It looks awesome! I was bleeding a little bit but not much, and I felt great. So we thanked the lady, and we left, on our way to 7-11 to get me some crushed ice to suck on. I felt good considering I just had this done to my tongue! It was quite a unique feeling having something sharp in the middle of your tongue. But I was able to talk pretty good when it was all done!

Day 1, 8:00pm

My friend Ian picked me up at my house so we can go hang out. I got in his car and just talked like normal and he didn't even notice until I showed him! It was cool though, he was quite shocked but it was cool. I love it. No pain either! I just keep takin my Advil and swooshing with my Listerine.

Day 2, 9:00am

Woke up with no pain! My tongue is swelled some though, but it really isn't too bad. I have yogurt and applesauce for breakfast and follow my Listerine routine.

Day 2, 6:00pm

Hungry cuz I had no lunch, but I snacked on some pretzel sticks believe it or not, with no trouble at all, I was just careful. Then mom made a chicken dinner with cranberries and corn that I ate with no problem. It takes some getting used to eating with a metal ball right there but after I got used to it pretty quick it isn't bad at all. Just be careful not to snag it on the side of your teeth! I did that twice today and it doesn't feel good, but now I am really getting used to it. I can eat a lot more than I thought I'd be able to.

Day 3, 6:45am

Time to get up for school. Tongue hurts a little bit but not much. It's swollen, but that's why I'm takin Advil. I eat applesauce for breakfast and follow my Listerine Treatment. I skip lunch, but have a good dinner and just am really careful and eating it basically on the sides of my tongue. Doing pretty good, I know I should be fine in a few days.

Day 4

Tongue pretty swollen this morning, had some applesauce for breakfast, by daytime I can feel it getting better, and it only hurts when I talk a lot and eat a lot. By nighttime I feel pretty good and the swelling has noticeably gone down.

Day 5

Tongue is pretty swollen and it hurts today, kind of a stinging feeling more than any other day I think. However I shouldn't complain cuz it still isn't horrible, and after all, I have been eating solid foods because I wanted to regardless of pain consequences! I should be better soon though.

Day 6

Thanksgiving! Woke up with no pain, still following my Advil/Listerine/Gly-Oxide routine. I was able to eat lots of great food today with no pain at all thanks to that Advil! I enjoyed turkey, cranberries, stuffing, ham, mashed potatoes, and pie and ice cream and damn I ate a lot! Anyway, I'm doin good, I can tell I'll be fully healed soon.

Day 7

No pain at all today. Still taking Advil to prevent any. I can even play with it some today with no pain and swelling has noticeably gone down. I'm lovin it!

Day 8

Feelin good! Been playing with it and doesn't hurt unless I continually mess with it. Still taken some Advil to prevent pain, which I probably don't even need, and of course doin the Listerine routine. I'm basically all better! And I love it!

I am quite happy, the place was great, they did a great job, pain was minimal, and I am quite happy with my tongue =) Now I am just lookin forward to how much this enhances certain things, hehehehe. I recommend getting this done if you really want it! Just do it right =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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