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News! 40 Year Old Pierces Tongue! Film at 11...

News! 40 year old Pierces Tongue!!! Film at 11...

As you have guessed, I am 40 and not your typical "mom" type lady.

I have had tattoos for the last 20 years of my life-13collected now-and swore up and down the only piercings that I would have in my body would be my ears. I had a breast reduction and lift so didn't want to pierce my nips, and my belly is NOT the kind that really could use a piercing...

Then I met my friend Suz who had many piercings and I thought "Could I really do this?" She told me her experiences with all of her piercings-tongue, nips, clit hood-and I was fascinated but still leery. I mean, a tattoo is one thing, I never had trouble with healing, but I have had even ear piercings go bad so I wasn't sure I could do this...

Yet, the more I thought about it the more it was appealing to me. My poor husband, who had put up with a hell of a lot from his purple-haired, tattooed wife of 16 years, made me swear that I would just do ONE off the ear piercing and I narrowed my choice to clit hood or tongue (knowing eventually he would buckle and I would have both cause he loves me {giggle}).

I decided on a Friday night that I wanted my tongue pierced and when I decide I want something I have to get it IMMEDIATELY or I will change my mind. That's how I am about the tattoos, and now, the piercings. On Saturday I drove up to Suz's place and that night, after the Last Supper (little did I know) she took me to her piercer and the deed was done.

And I was amazed that I felt no pain except the initial "prick" and then pressure where the barbell was. He had a little trouble tightening the balls but after I just sat there and thought "This was it? There is more pain during a GYN exam!"

No blood. I did a lot of gargling and was told to KEEP doing it especially after eating-brushing teeth, too (my dentist would be so proud....NOT). Before hand I did take two 800mg motrin (a heavy dose but I am glad I did!)

It didn't swell really until a day later and that didn't bother me but what did bother me was the lower ball against my webbing. Until this day, almost a week later, it still rubs and I can't wait to get a smaller ball.

My husband was more bothered by the fact that I couldn't have oral sex with him for a month than the fact he couldn't kiss me for that length of time. For someone who was dead against it he is eager to "feel" it for the first time. And all the "attachments" that go with it....

My 9 year old daughter has moved me to "cool" status. She didn't notice it so finally three days after I had it done I showed it to her (after all, a Spice Girl has one!). She had always been told by her friends her mommy was "different" (which in kid's terms means "weird and freaky" and this upset my sensitive kid) but now I am cool! Listen Moms and Dads..if you want to be cool with your kids-just pierce something!

It is far back enough on my tongue so my parents and family won't notice. Why you ask, at 40, should I care? Well...one word "Respect". They don't care for it so I will not flaunt that or my tattoos in their faces. That is something very young people don't understand but will in time. Maybe your parents don't agree with your piercings or tattoos and that's OK-you will still get them no matter what-but if they are really against them, then you don't have to disrespect their wishes by flaunting it in their faces. This costs nothing to you, and you can still maintain your individuality. That was my adult commentary for the year, I will get off my soap box now...

I am a non-conformist by nature, but I guess with the tongue piercing I am now "conformist" considering the popularity of it all. And when asked why I did it, I say, "To see if I could."



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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