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ell here is my tongue peircing experience.

OKay, first i'll give you all some background info. Ive wanted my tongue peirced since last year. I had originally asked to get it peirced as my 14th bday present. But my parents totally rejected the idea, i cried and screamed and even threatened then to go to a place where they would do it underage. Anyways, after a year of trying to convince them i came up with this idea. So me and my parents decided to do the compromise thing. THe deal was, as long as it didnt affect my braces, my teeth or my speech i could keep it in. I have a month to prove to them that it wont do any of the above and then its mine to keep :)

All day yesterday in school me and my friend (who was getting her tongue peirced with me) felt like everything was slow-mo. But the end of the day finally came and i had a few friends over after school to have my last meal for the next little while. (mmm a sub) Okay so then when my mom came home from work that nite, we had to haul-ass to the mall cause my appointment was at 8:00pm and it was like 7:45. We did get there ontime and then i went into the back room and the peircist started going over stuff like, how to clean it, side affects, risks etc, with me and my mom. I was fine at first when we went in, but then i realized 'wow this isnt a dream, im actually getting it done tonite' At that point i started to shake :)

About 10 mins later the peircist tucked this peice of paper towel into my shirt just in case i started to drool. (i didnt tho) And then i started to cry! can you believe that :) ugh im so pathetic when it comes to needles. So he told me to calm down or else he couldnt peirce me. I breathed a couple times, wiped away my tears and then he marked my tongue. It was kinda too close to the edge so i asked him to put it back a little further so he did. Then the clamps came on and i was started to shake again (eek) :) I was holding onto my friends hand cause i was so scared. But then he told me i had to let go because I was supposed to hold the clamps. Let me tell you, that did not help the state i was in at the time ;) Anyways, i wasnt holding my tongue out far enough, so he had to take the clamp off and then put it back on again because it had come out of place. Then he told me to hold the clamp while he turned my tongue on the side, (i think this was so he could check the bottom of my tongue) At this time my tongue felt totally tense and then he shoved the needle thru. OKAY, i dont care what people say that it didnt hurt them or whatever, but THIS did hurt like a fucking bitch. The whole time tears were streaming down my face. (yaya i know im a wimp) He screwed the barbell in and then it was done. I seriously was shaking for about 5 minutes afterwards + i was crying and everything was blurry :) The peircist was laughing at me, cause i was going totally ballistic :) But anyways, he took my hands and told me to breathe in and breathe out. It helped a lot.

I felt so bad tho because my friend was going right after me, and she was probably all scared cause i was totally freakin out. She, of course, was all calm + collected :)

So right after i got it peirced my whole tongue was hurting, and it felt like i had pulled a muscle.

Right now, its the morning after and when i woke up this morning there was a bunch of red stuff right behind the barbell. And i was like 'uh oh, better go see the peircist' but when i washed with mouthwash it dissapeared. Im guessing it was just a bit of blood. Ive been drinking cold water all day, i find that it helps a lot. So far i dont notice any swelling (praise the lord) and right now im going to attempt to eat my first food since last nite ;) Chicken broth. (okay okay, its not solid but its still a big step!)

Next week im going back in to downsize the barbell. OH and btw. i have braces and the long barbell only gets in the way if you lick your teeth. So i figure when i downsize it'll even be less in the way. Anyways, anyone out there that wants to get this done, i say go for it. Its a total adrenaline rush. Im sure my story sounds kinda painful but it looks so kewl and im sure once its healed etc im gonna be so glad i did this :) happy peircing boys+girls

mail me if you have any comments or any experiences please :)

heres my address: [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Dec. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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