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tongue piercing story @ sparks

ell, I started thinking about getting my tongue pierced about a year ago, when my friend got hers done. I thought it looked really cool, and i could definitely imagine myself with it. Well finally, about 2 months ago, i decided I was definitely going to go through with it. The hard part was deciding when because of work and school. I thought it would be a major inconvenience but later i found out I was quite wrong.

Anyway, I decided to go on a Wednesday to a place called Sparks in New Brunswick, NJ. My friend had gotten body piercing done there so she recommended it to me. So i called them up and made the appointment for 1pm on Wed. I still hadn't told my parents I was gonna do this and I knew they would flip.

Well, it was Wednesday morning. I had arranged for my friend to drive me to the place, just in case I didn't feel well afterwards.We got there on time, and I wasn't feeling too nervous. I was more nervous about what my parents would do when i went home. When i got inside, i met Chuck the guy who would pierce my tongue. He seemed really nice, and he had a barbell with balls the size of China on it!! He sat down with me and had me fill out some papers, and explained the treatment to me.

He said the entire healing process takes 6 weeks. During that time, I was not supposed to do anything with my mouth except eat or drink. For the first two weeks i had to eat soft foods, rinse with listerine after every meal or snack, and use glyoxide three times a day. Then he had me pick out which barbell i wanted, and i did so without a problem.

Next, he went and washed up and i went into the bathroom to give my tongue one final look! then i went into the piercing room. My friend came inside with us. I sat down on one of those doctors tables with the paper on it and Chuck stood in front of me at his little utensil table. Next he had me rinse with listerine for what seemed like years. When he finally let me spit it out, my mouth felt so numb!! It was weird. Next he told me to stick out my tongue, so he could mark it with ink. This took a few tries, until after examining it very closely, he decided it was the best dot. This is where the scary party came. He told me to push my tongue against the back of my top teeth so he could see the underneath part of my tongue. When i did that, he told me that some of the tissue looked like it could be veins. He said that if i had veins there he couldn't pierce my tongue. So he told me that once he put the clamp on my tongue, if the tissue popped out, then they were veins, but if it remained normal, then everything was good. He said that he would put the clamp on and look, and either say its a go, or no i can't pierce you.I was SO worried that it was veins and i woudln't be able to get my tongue pierced at all. Anyway, he put the clamp on my tongue, which by the way did NOT hurt at all. I barely felt anything because my mouth was so numb from the listerine. He pulled my tongue and lifted it, looked underneath and said everything was all good. Next he matched the needle up underneath my tongue and stuck it right through. It took like 2 seconds and it didn't hurt. Just felt like pressure, less painful then biting my tongue. He said it was fine, and had to get the barbell. So, he put the barbell through and put on the balls. Then he told me to keep my tongue sticking out of my mouth so he could tighten the balls. This was so hard to do because my tongue was shaking! I think it was from nerves or something, maybe just from keeping it extended for so long. Finally he said the balls were tightened( it only took like 5 seconds for him to do that) and he told me to put my tongue back in my mouth. Then he gave me a mirror and told me to look in and open my mouth. When i saw it i coudln't believe how great it looked and how painless the whole thing had been! I sat there for a couple minutes, with my tongue still shaking, and drank some water. The barbell felt so out of place and huge in my mouth. It felt like it was WAY too big. He told me that i woudln't need to get it downsized, because the size was fine, but i thought he was nuts! it felt SO big! Then i went and paid at the register, and he told me to go get some ice and suck on it immediately, and continue sucking on ice for the nextt 48 hours. He said that would help tremendously with the swelling that would begin in the next couple days.

So me and my friend left there got some ice and i started sucking...hehe... Well i got home, showed my parents and they flipped, but they got over it. Then i went to the store and stocked up on pudding, jello, and icepops. That night I had cool, watery mashed potatoes for dinner. It was impossible to swallow because i was terrified of swallowing the barbell, and it sorta hurt, but not much.

The next day i went to school and sucked on ice the entire time. It still didn't hurt at all, just felt awkward, but no pain really. Friday I went to school, and i was noticing i had a lisp. I couldn't says s's or th's or stuff like that. I was beginning to worry i would never lose this lisp, but i was wrong. Friday night i went to work, where i answer telephones, and by the end of the night my mouth was sore from trying to talk so much. By this time, I was able to show the top ball to people, but Icouldn't stick my tongue out yet.

Saturday I woke up and felt fine still. I didn't think my tongue was swollen but it was. I continued eating soup and mashed potatoes for most meals. Sunday night I noticed that it looked like the top ball was going to disappear into my tongue, so it proved my tongue was swollen, but it didn't hurt. Anyway, by Monday it seemed like my lisp was slowly going away. And for the first time i ate macaroni for dinner. I chopped it into tiny pieces. The next day I ate a hot dog cut up for lunch, and by Wednesday, 1 week after getting it pierced, i managed to eat some McDonald's for lunch. Hamburger and fries! I was so happy!! Saturday i went to a wedding and ate all of the food without a problem. Also, my lisp was now completely gone. Gradually I began chewing more food. At first i was always afraid that the balls would come off and I would swallow the barbell, but that fear went away when I realized it wasn't going to happen. Eventually, I began eating all the normal foods again, and i discovered i could now stick my tongue completely out of my mouth with both balls in front of my lips. That took about 2 weeks to master that skill. Well, now it has been exactly 4 weeks today, and my tongue is great. It doesn't hurt at all, and i've only bitten down on the bar twice while chewing, which is great compared to what i've heard from other people. So i guess Chuck was right when he said i didn't need a downsize. I'm so happy with my tongue, its the greatest thing i could've ever done. Now i feel silly for worrying about the pain and the inconvenience, but maybe i was just lucky to have barely any pain. Maybe I should thank all the advil i took just in case, and all the ice i sucked on. But whatever it was, I definitley recommend Sparks to anyone who wants to get their tongue pierced. This was the most enjoyable experience ever for me and I'll never regret it!!

Cindy :o) email me if you'd like to know anything else at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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