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15 year old tongue: the story of my mouth

k well im 15 and i live in the most boring town in new jersey. almost everyone in this small town is a trendy, gossiping, wanna-be perfect loser. to say the least, they aren't exactly my kinda peepz. so newayz im a sophmore in high skool and i've wanted to get my tongue pierced since i was in sixth grade. last year five girls got their tongue's pierced and i thought it was pretty cool. the only thing keepin me from doing it was the "my parents would kill me" thing. now i couldnt careless what they think, but they do have the power to umm confine me to my house so for a while this kept me from doin it. i decided i'd ask my mom if i could get my eyebrow pierced. if she said yes it'd be cool but if she said no its no big deal. i've got one hole in each of my ears and thats it. so obviously my mom said i couldnt get it done.

so one day i was sittin there and all of the sudden i decided i wanted my tongue pierced. i had this urge to do it. and this time nothin was gonna stop me. i puposely didnt ask my parents for permission bc the answer would be no, and then if they found out i'd be goin against what they said, but if i never asked, im not exactly disobeying them. yup so nehow i made my best guy friend come wit me. i walked around the village (nyc) tryin to find a place to do it. i went into two places and they are like nah u gotta have 18 sayin ur 18. so by then i was gettin pissed. i was suppose to be home an hour from then and i was feelin like such a loser.

i told everyone i was doin it. and i was so set on gettin it done. and it wasnt happening. so as i walked to the subway i look up and whats there, a piercing place. i walked down the stairs to the small yet funky piercing parlor. there was a lady and a hippyish guy workin in there. i walked in said whats up and hurryed to the jewelery display. the peepz in there looked me over kinda weirdly. i can see why. just by lookin at me- it looks like im a "perfect little girl". which is what i like people to think. this way when they said what a "bad girl" and psychodic bitch i am they are even mroe scared so immedatly they just fuk off, makin my life easy. i hate people, so i do whatever possible so i dont gotta deal wit um i look so happy, then u see my wrists. (slice slice, mutilation is nice) i dont look all plain in boring i mean i wear 37 rings and lots of bracelets and my style is well mine. i dont look like everyone else but i dont look like the punk i am. and thats just cuz i like how i look.

newayz like i was sayin b4 i bored u wit my apperence thats why they were lookin. i go i wanna get my tongue pierced. my friend was signaling towards the door and im like yah ok fuk off im doin this. the guy did his thing and told me to sit down in this um chair thing. he showed me his sterile shit and told me to stick out my tongue. i did and when he pushed the needle thru it was this like, um incredible feeling. it felt so cool. hes like dont move so im like ok and as soon as he was talkin out the thing i whipped my tongue in and he cut my lip. yah me, "smart one" didnt even relize till i washed out my mouth an saw that i was spittin blood. he assured me that it wasnt my tongue and whatever. i got some blood on my hands so i asked to use the sink. he goes um we dont have a sink or a bathroom. as i looked around things weren't as um "clean" as i thought.

i heard ur suppose to sign some forms, talk to the guy about it, get info about cleaning and also get some listerine. umm well i paid the man and he told me to wash my mouth out after anything entered it. and then that was it. i left. so i was soooo happy and i ran to the first mirror i saw a stuck out my tongue. it was the coolest thing in the world. it didnt hurt. and it looked so awesome. on the way home my friend and i had a little conversation about how dirty and unclean the place was and how i shouldnt have done it there. but too late. it was in. i paid and no way am i takin it out. i went home for a little, then went out to a party. i smoked alot and everyone kept lookin at me cuz when i was done all i wanted to do was wash my mouth out.

i had one of my friends take me to the store to get gly-oxide, listerine, a new toothbrush and some life savers. the only reason i knew to get all that stuff was cuz i read a lot on the internet and i talked to peepz online about it. everyone was shocked that i had it done in a dirty place. almost everyone told me to take it out. i said fuk um all cuz there was no way i was takin it out. i already had begun to play wit it, but i mean i couldnt help it. i told mommy i had a tummy ache so i couldnt eat for a few dayz, that went well no questions asked. i went to the nurse in skool and she said all was goin well and just to take VERY good care of it. so thats what i did, i took great care of it.

after a week the pain and swelling went down and i could eat whatever, althou i'll say its really weird eatin wit an inch long piece of metal thru ur tongue. neway one month later my parents still haven't found out and i love it. i think the only well they will is if my bro tells um but ill worry about it when it happens. so thats it i love my tongue ring. but as intresting as that may be there's more. i got grounded today but only for tonite. ive got no skool tommororw and i wanna go out. so i was online reading shit bout my tongue and i found some pix of peepz wit their web pierced. i figured what the fuk ive got needles, and an extra barbell, ive got time and ice and this is what i wanna do. so after 3 mins of numbing it, and about 30 seconds of pushing i had a needle thru my web. hmmm. so i then somehow managed to strech the whole to a 14g. ok all of that took like 5 mins but litterally it took me 67 fuking minutes just to screw the damn ball on. talk about aggrivation. but its there. i havent tried to eat yet. thou i talk wit a lisp. all my friends are still out so i cant wait to tell them just how bored i was. im guessing all will go well wit my mouth no infections and whatever. next weekend im goin to get my tongue pierced a second time bc the first was off center due to my viens. yah i cant wait. well thats all, thats my story.

im still bored, but i think ill just go to bed now since im in a good mood cuz of my new piercing. but one last thing b4 i go, if uve got a tongue ring kiss someone else who does. it the single most amazing feeling in the world. later people


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Dec. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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