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My tongue piercing story... from hell

y tongue piercing story isn't as gruesome, disgusting, or stupid as some other stories, but I thought it was cool and interesting. By the way, I'm a 15 year old, live in a small town in Michigan called Cadillac, I'm a complete freak, the school hates me, and I'm the only one in my school with it done (or any off the wall piercing at that).

A week after christmas I asked my father to let me get my tongue pierced, for the 50th time, and on Tuesday, January 6th, 1998, he agreed. After some over-rejoicing I got to calling some paces to see if they do tongue piercings, since no place in Cadillac does it, I had to call out of town. I first called a place in Reed City, south of Cadillac, and they said I had to be sixteen with ID and parental concent. So, I called a place in Interlochen, north of Cadillac, called Riverhouse Tattoo. The guy there said it was $50 and if I was under-age all I needed was parental consent, and off we were to Interlochen.

On the way there I was that kind of happy-nervous, and all I wanted to do is get it done, call my my best friend Angie and tell her. When we got to the place and went in, I tried not to let my dad know how nervous I actually was. I had to wait a while because there was this guy getting one of those tribal arm tattoos, so I just looked at the photos of the guy's work. I noticed there were two kids from Cadillac waiting to get something done (which turned out to be some cheesy tattoo) and that actually made me more nervous, if I cried or something everyone would know.

When the guy getting the tattoo was done, the owner of the place said, "So you're the one who wants to get his tongue pierced?" I smiled and giggled, I was to nervous to talk. He told me to sit down first to calm down while he got everything ready, he had my dad sign a paper and then I did. This is where it all started...

The guy said, "Stick out your tongue." I stuck it out and he said, "now, touch your nose." I touched my nose so he could take a good look at it, he said, "touch your chin." and i did. This all seemed really weird to me but I never question a man that is soon to stick a needle in me.
This is when the heavy artillery came out, how I missed this laying on the counter, I don't know. He took the circular tipped clamps and attached that thing to my tongue, that was all the pain I really needed, but he continued. He took that huge looking hollow needle and as he shoved it through my tongue my dad said, "That's it Cole, no more piercings untill you're 18." I was ok with this deal. the needle hurt more coming out than going in. Then the bar was placed on and the procedure was complete. He then went on to tell me about cleaning, swelling, healing, eating, and jewelry. I gave the man his well deserved $50, shook his hand, said "tanks", and left.

On the way home, I couldn't belive I had this 14 gauge, 1 inch, steel bar through my tongue, I just laughed at the thought. We stopped at a local grocery store and got a huge bottle of Listerene, that did not taste at all good.

We decided it would be cool to show my mom my new toy, she said no to the idea when I first asked a year ago. We walked into the store she works at and my dad started to talk to her while I went and looked at magazines. I went back up to the counter and my mom asks whats wrong, because I'm not talking (I usually don't shut up), so I said, "Well, dad let me get my tongue pierced." and I stuck it out, my dad just laughed at the expression on my mom's face. She started to bitch at my dad for letting me do it, she still hates it today.

Well, it's been 7 months since and I haven't had very many problems with it. Only after two weeks I replaced the original bar and got a 5/8 14gauge bar. After two months I took it out for an hour and it closed up, so I just ramed it back through. I've changed all my piercings to 14 gauge, which is only two holes in my left ear and my tongue. I've never regreted it one bit. I've never got to kiss so many people in truth or dare and oral sex is GREAT! I just wish people would stop asking me stupid questions and i also wish I could find someone else with it done because I want to try the kissing thing with them.

Cole Sutten, age 15, Cadillac, MI [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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