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15/f From Ct got her tongue pierced

ey...i'm 15/f from CT...and...ive had my tongue pierced for 3 weeks so far!! And I totally love it!!! Its sooo much fun 2 play with...and its healing up really good...I havent had any bad experiences with it...but heres how my tongue piercing experience was...

OK...I went 2 the piercing place on a Saturday afternoon, it's was raining..incase u cared...so anywayz...i was sooo excited to get it done, ive been waitin since april to get it done, and it was june, so I was totally ready to get it done. I went into the piercing place, I really never been into a piercing place, but this one, Rafeals in New Britain, CT was a great place, it was really clean and the people there were really nice. So I told the lady there that I wanted 2 get my tongue pierced, she told me it was 45$ for everything...and I said OK. I waited a few minutes cuz someone else was getting there belly pierced(which im thinking of doin...or maybe my eyebrow...hMmm??). So then it was my turn...I was kinda scared, but not too much because ive been reading up a lot on tongue piercing, BME is the greatest!!! So while the guy was getting all the stuff ready, I saw a lot of Certificates that said stuff something about being clean, like using autoclaves and stuff like that, so that helped me a lot, I felt a lot better when I saw those. So the guy marked my tongue, and I said OK...and he got ready to pierce it, he told me to breath in, then let it out, while I was letting it out he put the needle through. It barely hurt!!!! I could feel it going through the layers of tongue, but it was quick! And he put the barbell in and it was done! I was sooo happy with it!! Then the lady came in and told me the cleaning care and gave me a sheet that had all the steps and I paid her and I left.!

I got home, and I sucked on ice right when I left the place and I sucked on ice for awhile, and I drank water and ate a couple popcicles for the rest of the night

Week 1- Some soreness, its swollen a little. It's the worst in the morning when I first wake up. Theres a whitish blue coating on the tongue from rinsing with listerine, I try to play with it but it hurts after I try, and I talk a lot normally, but it hurt if I talked 2 much =( which sucked for me...Ive been drinking lots of water and sucking on ice. I tried to eat yogurt and pudding, too hard for me. So I stuck with ice, water, milkshakes and popsicles for almost 4 or 5 days. I went to school everyone loved it! And I love all the attention I got!!!!

Week 2- its getting much better, not swollen at all, it stopped swelling in about 4 days. Im getting 2 little mounds on the top by the barbell. Ive heard this is common so im not worrying about it. I play with it sooo much its too much fun I can do just about anything with it. Im still taking really good care of it, rinsing with Cool Mint listerine...after every meal...it tastes pretty good 2!

Week 3- tomorrow (July 10th)will be the day I have had my tongue pierced for 2 weeks YaY!!! The mounds are practically gone, I have like almost no coating on my tongue anymore. I am planning on getting a new barbell in about 2 or 3 weeks, I can't wait, and maybe a different colored one? HMmM...

So newayz, if ur thinking about getting ur tongue pierced do it!! It the best...some people may say its gross and stuff, but its really not, and I heard kissing and stuff is fun(ive already had guys ask me about that! Hehe)...and I can't wait 2 try it!!!!! But I have 2 wait till its healed =( but ill live Hehe...so im having a great pierced tongue experience, and ive learned a lot....from BME, I was planning on getting it done in April but im glad I waited and researched on this and BME was great im so glad I found it. They had pix and stories about piercing. If u have any questions or something just email me!!!!!!!! SeE yA!! Good luck if u get ur tongue pierced....but u really don't need the good luck!!!


EmaiL Me HeRe If Ya got aNy QuEsTiOns Or aNY IDeAs Of WhaT i ShOuLd PiErCe NeXt!!! HeHe~~~*//>[email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 July 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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