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self done tongue web piercings

k--its been awhile since I found BME and yes I have wanted to contribute but it was not until now that I felt like I should so it. So here goes nothing.

It was last winter, snow on the ground, that i was sitting in a booth in a small fast food joint. I sat there sitting with some friends, everyone talking, and laughing. But as for myself I was relatively bored with the whole thing, so I started to think of future plans and of what I was to do for new years. So naturally my mind wandered on to the subject of piercing. I though of the many that I have and of the many that I would like to have. The one place that I don't have any piercings in my mouth, mostly because my mother would kill me it I did any thing in there, so I wandered about if there was any way to do any thing with out her knowing. And there it struck me, what about under the tongue? it was possible, even though at the time I had never seen it done before, or not as yet found bme. I sat in the restaurant with my fingers feeling under my tongue and my friends giving me weird looks.

When I got home that evening, I waited until my parents were in bed till I headed off to the bathroom with my supply of piercing articles. Needles, both hollow and sowing, alcohol peroxide, tweezers, and a couple of spare corks. I flicked on the light and looked into my mouth. Quietly I examined its contents, and decided where the 14g CBR would go.

I took one of the small corks and fastened it on to the end of a pair of tweezers. I felt that I could position it for the needle to hit. I decided to use a simple large sowing needle for the piercing because of its size and manageability. So I opened my mouth and played with the needle, poking and prodding the "web" of my mouth until i found the exact spot that i wanted to put the ring. I took the cork/tweezer combo and positioned it near to where I wanted the ring. Then came the needle. Place, breath, in out, in out, and push. Nothing, no pain, so I thought that the needle did not go through until I tried to take out the cork and found it attached to the needle. Cool i thought, no pain what so ever. So I removed the needle and cork and no bleeding. Cool. I picked up the ring found the hole pushed it through, and went for the ball. This took some time, and effort, but finally it went. I stepped back, spit in to the sink and breathed a sigh of accomplishment. Then to the mirror, wow, cool, neat, what ever I had originally though it would look like could never have came close to the beautiful truth.

The next day was saturday, so I went about my business, like nothing had happened. The piercing hurt some for a time but not much. I soon discovered that eating was real interesting and that I love to play with it. But does this thing collect plaque!

About two months after all this I added a second, and by now I have a third. Both are 14g CBR. I still love them all and still play with them. And my mother has never found them, or has there been any kind of a noticeable speech impediment. All in all it has been a wonderful experience.

I total the three rings have now brought my total of piercings to 14. 3 tongue web, 1 navel, 7 ear cart, and a prince albert, a reverse pa and a frenum. Only 4 of the piercings in my ears were done professionally. I have done all the rest, I say not bad for an 18 year old man. But there will be stories about the others but those are other stories and shall be told at another time.

iberis [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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