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"Another hole in your head?!" (off center)

her hole in your head?!" (off center)

"Another hole in your head?!"

This is my second submission to bme, and my fourth piercing....

Well... I got my first tounge pierceing over X-mas '97.... My eyebrow over easter... My Navel pierced shortly after...

By this time, i COMPLETELY forgot what it was like ( or what I had to put up with) to get my tounge pierced... I loved my first one, and started thinking why not another one...

Off i went to Marty's tattoo & pierceing in Wellsville Ohio...

I had decided on an off center pierceing with a hoop.....

After I signed the papers, and picked out an awsome octogon teal blue hoop with a rather large black hemitite ball, I sat down and got marked and clamped.

The clamp hurt a little more this time, and i closed my eyes and expected the worst. The needle went through with a 'poppoppop' and and then the hoop.

My tounge started jumping around a bit.. and I knocked the bottom of the hoop back through the hole, and so after about 5 minutes of pushing, Nicki (the piercer) got it back through, and twisted the hoop back around to attach the ball.

By this time, it was bleeding kinda bad, and the drool... well that was awful! the hoop was intact, and after a few swallows, and some nice cold cold water, it felt soooo cool. It was much harder to talk with the hoop on the left side of my tounge, and my original barbell kept getting caught inside the hoop, wow i thought... this is going to take much longer to get used to, its far back on my tounge, and its really hard to not bite down on it..

I paid nicki, (Special thanks to Nikki for that one) and bought an extra ball incase one popped off because i heard hoops werent the smartest thing to get in your mouth because the ball is the snap on kind instead of a screw.

It's been about two days, and the swelling is much worse than my first, I guess because it's near so many nerves.. but the swelling on the hoop is just reaking havoc in my mouth because theres no room for my tounge to swell outside the hoop because it stops it...

Im getting really sick of the listerine & gly-oxcide, but its well worth it.

It's getting a little easyer for me to talk, definatly taking some getting used to, I keep getting accused of being drunk on the phone when i call my friends because i still slur alot, and have a lisp (that im hoping go's away with the swelling!!)

When i stick my tounge out, I love all the metal sticking out, and I can make the coolest clicky noises now, like three diffrent noises at once!

For you all that want an off center tounge pierceing... I'd go for it, as long as you have the patience, and have a little higher tolerance of pain than the normal... And be prepared to get stared at a lil more, with my second hole in my tounge, it makes it much more visable when i talk...

Thats my submission for today... I'm off to my friends house tonight to get spacers in my ears, i hope this go's well!!!

Toodles & Adu!


-feel free to mail me with any questions! :) [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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