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A freak in hick town gets his tongue peirced

h3>My tongue experience

I am a 14 year old male and I live in Spotsylvania Va. I wear makeup to school(Eyebrow pencil,eyeliner,lipstick,nail polish...) and I used to have really long hair(dreadlocks).I am usually in black and wear the occasional pair of fishnets on my arms.Bondage jewelry is common on me too.Anyway,considering my geographical location you can imagine my appearance doesn't go over well with the locals (Rednecks,wifebeaters,alchoholics and police). Even with these things weighing heavily on me I decided to get my tongue peirced.Since my mom despises the way I look I made a compromise with her (a forced compromise).She said I could get my tongue done if I cut my hair.This was a pretty good deal and I took her up on it.The next saturday I went to this place downtown to fill in for a missing bass player in my friend's band.When we were done someone said my mom had left a message for me while I was playing. I read it and called her back.She made an appointment for 4:00 and it was already 2:00.She wouldn't let me get my tongue done before I cut my hair (she thought I would refuse to do it after the peircing was already done) so we went to Vidal Sasoon or something and I got a spikey kind of weird flat thing.It could've been alot worse,I could live with this. I told the lady there I wanted to keep my dreads and she gave them to me in an envelope.I gave one to my girlfriend and the rest to other friends.

Now it was about 3:20 and we went to the mall where I got a new pair of vinal pants(my mom put my old pair in the dryer and melted them)From the mall we headed downtown and to Corky's.We got there at about 3:50 and the lady there asked me what was getting done. I told her that I was getting my tongue pierced and she went into the back of the store.

She came back with a clipboard and a form to fill out so that they could prove that the lady with me was really my mom.

My mom signed it and filled out some info and then I had to wait. I sat there and looked over some jewelery and picked one out. It was a 12 gauge surgical steel barbell.

Rob(the peircer)took me into a little room and told me all about the process.He gave me some listerene and I swished it for a while. I sat down in what looked like a dentists chair and he gave me a cup. He told me to hold it under my chin because I was going to drool a lot. He got out a huge scary pair of forceps and the needle(big,big,big scary needle)He asked me if I was sure and I said yes.He told me to stick out my tongue and to keep it out because if I pulled it in it was gonna a lot worse.He told me to take two deep breaths and when I exhaled the 2nd he did it.I searing burning pain flashed in my head and then went away.He picked up the barbell and put it in (that hurt too).He unclasped the forceps and said I could put it back in my mouth.I simply said "Owwww" and dragged my tongue back inside.

I sat up and he gave me a list of stuff I needed for aftercare.A lot of Lysterine,Gly-oxide,sea salt(horrible,horrible stuff),jello,pudding, applesauce,soup......soft foods.There was a little speck of blood in my spit when he made me rinse with lysterine again.We went back to the main part of the store and I showed my mom.She shuddered and does every time I show her to this day.My dad laughed at her response and my little sister said "eewwwwww".We paid Rob his $80 fee ($40 from me and $40 from my mom).

My tongue was throbbing but was only uncomfortable and annoying.My mom being the wonderful mom she is took me to a restaurant of all places.I put a chip in my mouth and yelped in pain.Eating was already out of the question. I ordered ice water and some crushed ice.The waitress was sympathetic and crushed the ice herself.I watched everyone eat for an hour.I have never been so hungry.After about 2 hours I could barely swallow my tongue was so tender.

I went to sleep hungry and would be hungry for the next week.I woke the next day in serious discomfort and in a very,very bad mood.My tongue was incredibly swollen and I was drooling everywhere.I took some asprin(painfull) and tried to stay away from people(I was snapping at everyone).The next day was Easter and I tried to force down some mashed potatoes(Far too painfull).I basicly went hungry for the next six days.I lost 20 pounds and for two weeks I had a thick white coating on my tongue.I had to take vitamins and drink chicken broth to stay alive.The swelling went down after about 4 days and the pain was completely gone the morning of the sixth day.For about 3 weeks it was a little sore for a half hour after I woke up but that went away fast.I got it done April 10th and today is May 31st.52 days and I'm loving every day of it. When spring break was over and I showed people at school it was great. The football players girlfriends all wanted to kiss me to see what it was like and the football players wanted to kick my ass for it. Hahahaha.My girlfriend couldn't wait to play with it.Last Friday I was Homecoming king and the queen was this preppy popular girl. Everyone almost passed out when my name was called as the king. I loved the look on their faces when the queen didn't refuse to dance with me.So,with the whole school watching(including the football team)Rachell the chearleader and most popular girl in the school slow danced to the Titanic song with "the school freak".Then to top it all off she revealed a hidden desire to kiss me by giving me a long,long kiss,right in front of the teachers and principle(and yes,the football team too).Although I don't care for her I couldn't have loved the experience more.It was great.So then,in a coup de grace I turned to a teacher video taping the dance and stuck out my tongue in triumph.

The moral of my little story is:Get your tongue peirced.It is far more than worth the the pain and the money.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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