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My Great Tongue Piercing Experience

am writing this story to help calm the fears of others who want to get this done. I am one of the biggest wimps that has ever lived and so when someone tells you to get your tongue pierced it doesn't hurt you can believe them.

One day my friends Rob and Suzi and I were talking about getting something pierced. We were thinking about what we wanted to get. Rob had already did his navel so it was the girls turn to do something. Suzi wanted to get her nipple done for Rob (you know how husbands are) and I said hey that is kewl but I wanted something different than her. So I said I want to get my eyebrow done.

So all three of us headed down to the shop. I forgot the name of it but the guy that was doing it was named Dale. He took us over to look at some jewelry and suzi picked out hers. I had a big problem though! They were out of jewelry for the eyebrow and wouldn't have it in until 2 weeks. Suzi was already trying to back out cause she was nervous but I wouldn't let her. I then said oh well I will just get my tongue pierced since nobody had that done and I really wanted to be different.

I wanted to go first being such a wimp I didn't want to get so nervous that I wouldn't go through with it. So I sat done in the chair he talked to me about what he was going to do and I was feeling kinda scared and kinda exited at the same time. He then gave me a cup of mouth wash to clean my mouth and I had to hold it there for 2 min. Man now that stings. I was done with that so now it was time for the CHAIR I was scared but I had my friends helping me get through this. He told me to stick out my tongue and he took a little light and placed it under my tongue this was his way of making sure where he needed to poke needle through. He marked it with a pen and then clamped it down. It felt kinda funny to have this on my tongue but I was feeling calm about the needle now. He let my friend Rob hold the clamp so he could poke the needle through and man this was a big needle. He poked it through and I didn't feel a thing. He then placed the 14g barbell through my tongue and poof it was done. Pain free and tear free. I have had mine for three years now and I cant wait to get something else done. Just hard to find one I want really bad.

So even the biggest wimps in the world can get this piercing done and believe me it is well worth it to have ;) if you know what I mean

if you have any suggestions on what I should get next or you would like to ask me something about mine you can e-mail me at [email protected] or get on icq and find me there. My icq number is 754102.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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