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my latest act of rebellion...kinda

ok, i just wanted everyone to know about my latest piercing, which

by the way i am EXTREMLY proud of. ok, a bit about moi..i'm a 15 year old female, from Great Falls VA, but i am influenced by the weirdos down in sterling, who i love to death. I go to langley HS, which MTV has recently snobbiest in the country...ahh the joys of living in fairfax County. ok, so anywho, i already had 10 peircings, in my ears, and my parents threatened to send me to catholic school if i put another one in my ears. (i've done them all myself.) my parents obviously never thought of any other body part possibly being pierced, other than ears, that is.

 so, anywho, about my newest non ear piercing...tounge.  i never

really thought about tounge piercing until about a week ago, maybe a week and 2.7 days...but i have an oral fixation and julia (who has her tounge pierced) suggested a tounge ring.(currently i believe we are the only 2 at langley with our tounge pierced) this happened on friday, last week, i guess about the, umm, oct. 2nd. getting my tounge of all thing seemed a cool idea for me, for a few reasons:

a safer way to rebel, without stealing a car- again it can easily be concealed from my parents, teachers, or other such beings... it'll give me something to play with it looks really, really cool!!!!!

so i spent the weekend cruising around the web, looking at piercing places, and i stumbled across BME. and reading both the good and the bad made me want to get one one...so on to the piercing!

DAY 1:

my 'twin', laura told everyone not to take me...or else.  yet the 
prospect of a member of our freak group geting their tounge pierced was 
too tempting...sorry Lark (Laura), but almost everyone you forrbade to 
take me wanted to!  Erika and Brendon finally came out on top, of who 
was going to take me... and julia came for support (as i said, she has 
her tounge pierced)

we were originally looking for a place called Star rocket (julia got 
pierced at a stand of theirs at HFStival) but we couldn't find it.  so 
we stopped at a MCD's for my last meal.  we found another piercing place 
just up the street, but their piercer had tuesdays off...bummer.  he 
said there was a place down the road, but not to go there "i've heard 
horror stories about that place".  so the four of us left and went down 
to smoke... we decided to investigate the other place, called Skyline.  
this place was a LOT more reisuring.. for one, the owner actually had 
piercings and tattoo's.  and when we asked him about the other 
place..."well, personally i wouldn't go there, i've heard horror stories 
about that place".  i put that whole thing down to the fact that the two 
places were closer than was decent.  but anyway after telling them what 
i wanted done, filling out forms and listening to some blah blah blah, i 
was swished with listerine, and plopped down i a big dentist like chair, 
the piercer pulled out a giant looking needle, rubbed it in jelly and 
then , while i was holding julia's hand, pushed this thing through my 
tounge.  i'm noty going to say it didn't hurt, cause it did, but it was 
so brief it really didn't matter.  ushered out of the chair, i was 
listerined again,  then we left, with a bumper sticker and a buisness 
card. We went back, i went haome and religously avoided my mom.

DAY 2:

this thing hurt like a bitch this morning, but was ok after about 6:47 
(when i got some asprin from ian right befor we got to school.  Lark 
went crazy when she saw (literally, she started screaming about 
homecoming or something.) unfortunatly, everyone but her knew i was 
going to do it, supported me, and loved it.  anywho, i listerened a lot, 
ate a carrot for lunch, and was forced to eat ribs, potatoes and string 
beans for dinner, cause i don't want mommy and daddy finding out.  they 
still don't know, by the way. listerened and went to bed.

DAY 3:

it was swelled up, but not that badly.  of course my tounge is also a milky
white colour... but about the same as yesterday.  Larks cooled off.

DAY 4:

Went to sterling, got a lot of ooh's and ahh's, ran into my ex
bf (of two times) ran into nick...sigh, i'm in love with him.  Went home 
wondered if my tounge would ever stop swelling, went to bed.  listerine 
is burning off the top few layeres of my tounge as we speak.

DAY 5:

Went to work (sub way, couldn't speak, people thought i was deaf
and started mouthing things to me which just made everything harder.  i 
ate a deli sub (took 30 min).  Went home, then went to madison's 
homecoming.  couldn't speak, or kiss, but it was still cool.

DAY 6:

today... my tounge has stopped feeling like i've given some guy
a BJ with a cut in my mouth.  it's still white, but the swelling's gone 
down and lark's taking me to get a smaller barbell (tho i can thpeak 
nomaly) she wants to get a blue frog tattoo while we're out there... if 
anythign happens, like my touge falls out or something i'll tell you, so 
anywho, you have to get your tounge pierced...it is the coolest 


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Nov. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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