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Only a week and doing fine!

met a guy recently that had his tongue pierced. It was so sexy and looked so cool. I started thinking of what it would be like to have my tongue pierced...I started to notice a lot of people that had it done. Most were younger than me, either teens or in their twenties. I am 31. I have always been "unusual" and like to be different from any of my friends.

I asked a lot of people about their experiences with tongue piercing and read a lot about it on the web and in articles, trying to decide if it was for me. The more I saw and read, the more interested I became. It seemed as though it were becoming and obsession. I talked about it quite a bit around my friends and at work. No one believed I'd go through with it. Everyone knows I am wild and crazy and am 31 going on 21 mentally, but they still didn't believe me. I was going to do this, no matter what!

I had read an article about "The Hole Thing" a piercing shop in my town, Lexington KY. This shop was said to be the most professional, and safest shop to go to. I went by to check the place out. I found the shop to be immaculate, very clean and relaxed. Greg was very cool. I asked a million questions. He told me everything I would need to know, what to expect before, during and after. I could tell he was very well trained and knowledgeable. He made me feel very comfortable. I set my appointment for a Thursday 2 weeks from the day I visited the shop. I was excited.

I went back to work and showed everyone my appointment card and they couldn't believe it. They were all excited though. My parents heard me talking about it and got very upset. They tried to talk me out of it, but I told them I wasn't changing my mind..

In the two weeks leading up to my appointment, I kept telling myself that it was worth it and that I really was going to go. A couple of times I doubted my bravery and thought I'd chicken out. But....the day came and I didn't! I wanted this really bad.

Four of my closest friends came with me. My appointment was for 6pm, but they were really busy, so we hung out and talked to other customers while waiting. There were 2 belly button pierces done while we waited, they seemed happy on their way out.

A couple of people came for jewelry and one guy came to get his chin pierced. I was so nervous but so excited. Finally it was time!

I got my tongue measured. Greg said that so many people take a one-size-fits- all approach to tongue piercing and that causes so many problems. Everyone is different and their needs are individual. Then he marked my tongue in a couple of places and we chose the spot that was the most centered. He could tell I was nervous. My friend Angela came in the room with me for support. She was excited to watch. Then I swished with the listerine and spit. He then explained step by step what he would do, how it would feel, what I would feel like afterward, etc.

He explained the forceps and how it all works, and asked me to hold the bottom of them to steady them. I did this...He asked if I was ready, the grips in place. I said yes, let's go! Angela held onto my arm for support, and he told me to take a deep breath in and on the out-breath he'd do his thing. I must've instinctively closed my eyes, and suddenly I felt a pain like a flash of lightning-not unbearable mind you--for only a fraction of a second. Then I heard him say "and your jewelry is in!". I tasted blood and was very lightheaded and high on adrenaline. I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe how awesome it looked! I got a 12g barbell with the silver ball on bottom and a clear ball on top--for starters. I did this because I work in a conservative environment. Wanted to make sure it'd be okay at work.... Angela said it was awesome, she loved watching!

My friends in the lobby freaked. They loved it. They were actually considering getting something pierced! :) We left there and went to a bar we always hang out at. We played NTN trivia and I drank Ice water. I didn't bleed hardly at all. Only that initial blood at the shop. Our favorite waitress crushed ice for me and I immediately iced up. I felt light headed still and kinda tired. My friend drove me to get Gly-oxide and Listerine and crushed ice and go home.

I took tylenol and went to bed.

The next day I woke up feeling kind of bad. I was afraid to try and eat anything. I'd taken the day off work, so I thought I'd lay around. I got really hungry, so I drank a cold slimfast shake and then did water and listerine. Not bad. Started to feel really good so I went out for a while. I was fine, no pain, just my tongue felt awkward. Talking was a little difficult. Ended up eating only yogurt that day. Swelling was kind of bad.

Day 2-- No pain, swelling quite a lot. Ate pudding, yogurt and lots of ice. I smoked. It wasn't bad, just had to do listerine! Gly-oxide didn't taste bad at all, like everyone said, by the way! I actually managed to eat mashed potatoes, they were great.

Day 3- swelling a quite a bit still. Ate more this day, a roll, soup and a baked potato mashed up. Doing fine though.

Day 4- ate a McDonald's fish sandwich. Went by the Hole Thing and Greg said my tongue looked fine. Have some bumps under my tongue which are sore and swollen, was paranoid they were keloids. But he said nope, that they were normal and would go away soon.

Days 5-7 today. Have eaten more food. Only once did I start to chomp down on the barbell. Not bad. No pain, not much swelling now. Doing listerine, gly-oxide, brushing faithfully. Pierce is clean and healing well. Avoiding alcohol. Man I want a beer! haha, but I can wait! Sure miss Kissing! I've had a coating on my tongue for a few days, its listerine I'm sure and the secretions the pierce has while it's healing. It gets better every day.

Everyone loves my pierce, they say it is really sexy.

I love it so far! Can't wait to go back and size down and get a gold ball on top! So far my experience has been good and people at work who do know I have it are cool with it. Most people don't even notice it!

I highly recommend The Hole Thing if you are in KY. I would not have gone anywhere else!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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