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Kane's Tounge Thrashing Exp.


Hi, my name is Kane Friesen, I live in Lubbock Texas and am a 16 year

old male that attends Monterey High school (like anyone cares). Well, recently I got a girlfriend and one night on the phone (or was it in person? no matter) she told me how she always thought it would be really awesome to kiss a guy with a tounge ring. Hence, the next day I broke the 'ol Piggy bank and headed out to INKFLUENCE (1-806-744-TAT2) to get my tounge pierced. I showed up at the place (with my mom) and talked to the main "piercer" about getting my tounge pierced. At first he layed on the same ol same ol, stuff about how they are becomming really popular and do I really want it. yadda yadda yadda. the only thing that startled me about his speech, was something about not being able to kiss (not pecks) for 3 WEEKS!!!. (i waited about 3 days). Well I paid the man $65 for the actual pierce/barbell (7/8inch 10 gauge... they had ran out of 12 gauges. no problem.) and an EXTRA $10 for a SNAZZY blueish-Purpleish. Stylin ball for the top bead. (silver is so used.) well. AFTER I paid he hands my mom this big contract looking paper, the usual sign along the dotted line. MA'AM. then off we go to the back room with my friend dusty for "moral support". we step into this room. which surprisingly looked a LOT like a dentist/doctors office. Really clean, really white and of course that greenish 70's colour. well the piercer (who we will now call OZZY) Tells me to hope up onto the layed out doctors bed, and then fills out a cup full of Listerine. I swig the stuff back and begin to swish, sure at first we all think... "hmm listerine is that bad" after 30 seconds I was almost tearing up. Listerine should be outlawed! that stuff is NA-STY!!! But one good side effetof the listerine was that my mouth was so numb afterward that when Ozzy told me to spit back into the cup i slightly missed and spit all over his nice clean floor. think of it as piercee revenge. Well after the listerine. ozzy pulls out these big salad fork looking things, which i presumed were the dreaded CLAMPS. Well let me level with you. THE CLAMPS DON'T HURT! He pops them on tells me he is justgoing... (oh i forgot the purple dot he put on my tounge at the very begining.) ...to look at the bottom of my tounge. then the next thing I know, a slight prick then preassure going upward. i sat strait up. Ozzy anticipated and pop the needle came out the other side and that was it for pain. He then pulls out the 10 gauge barbell (by the way due to not having anymore 12 gauge barbells he sort of pierced witha 12 gauge needle and put in a 10 gauge) pushes it in. another slight preassure, then he screws my blueish-purplish pimp ball on top and tells me to put my tougne back into my mouth. But of course as i put it back into my mouth i catch it on my teeth. no biggy no pain... promise. then i notice the large amount of "water" in my mouth. i ask for another cup to spit into. He was reluctant to give to me until i promised to spit into the cup not the floor. and when i spit the "water" i was surprisd to find it was almost 100% blood. 4 MOUTHFULLS of blood later. i was allowed to stand up and walk around the room. He then started giving me the how to take care of the tounge speech again, and of course im so psyched about HAVING A METAL BAR THROUGH MY TOUNGE I really didnt pay much attention. i left back into the lobby, and out the door. By the time i reached my car. i was so full of adrenaline my mom forced me to sit in the back seat while she drove home. (Funny thing is my friend dusty left paler than i did)

Day 1 (evening)

Tounge doesnt hurt a bit. no swelling. already used to listerine flavour.


Tounge doesnt hurt a bit. no swelling, already starting to REALY DESPISE listerine.

Day 9

well FINALLY the swelling STARTS ( I guess my tounge has slow reactions) major pain major swelling and my tounge is like funky milk white/yellow creamy goo.

Day 13

same as day 9 but it starting to go down. Ozzy at inkfluence said different people different reactionse verythings normal not infected like I thought, just "played" with it to much and over worked it. (explains the late swelling)

Day --

Well I love my tounge so any furture days wil be kewl. (today is day 13)

Thanks for reading ad if ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS OR ANYTHING PLEASE Email me at: [email protected] or goto http://home.earthlink.net/~runic.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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