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A positive tongue experience!

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After reading all of the NEW negative tongue piercing experiences, I had to sit down and write a positive one.

I must first of all say that I never go into a pierce blind, without reading about it, researching it to it's fullest extent. I do alot of question asking (posting) and a lot lurking on recs.art.bodyart, and of course who could forget BME! Some of those stories are horrifying, but to any of you out there considering a tongue piercing, those horror stories seem to be in the minority.

I went into Tattoo Zoo 2 in Ft Walton Beach Florida 10 days ago.. I was so excited! It only took me about a week after deciding I wanted to do this. When I want something, I want it and do it right away! The only reason I had to wait a week was for money money money! Tony, who claims to be a gentle piercer, has every right to make that claim! He got everything ready to go. All that was left was for me to provide my tongue. First things first, I had to rinse with Listerine, the yellow crappy stuff, three times, each time 30-45 seconds. I asked him why we couldn't use the blue mint. He says because of the sugars, and extra additives. Go figure, but I do trust him and his word. So now was the time for me to go get stuck. I sat down to an audience of four people. I only provided the one friend who was taking pics of the procedure (once developed I will scan them in and submit to here).
The other three were off the street deciding whether or not to get their tongues pierced as well. He had me stick my tongue out, dried all the salivary glands and tongue off with a paper towel, and clamped the area. My whole mouth was pretty much numb due to the Listerine, so I didn't feel the clamp in the first place, just pressure more then anything. I did felt the sharp needled under my tongue slightly pressing when he asked if I was ready. And when I said yes, it was through before I knew it. I didn't feel it go through, other then again some slight pressure. It was truly painless. He slid the barbell through, tightened the ball down, and gave me the rest of the Listerine to rinse with. A spot of blood mixed in with the first rinse of Listerine, and that was all the bleeding there ever was. I took ibuprofen one hour before I had this done, and I kept a steady stream of it in my system for about 7 days. My tongue did swell, but not until the next morning. Let me clarify my swelling of the tongue. It swelled around the bar itself. Not my whole tongue, like I thought it would. And another thing that I want mention is that the piercing isn't straight up and down. It's angled back a bit. I went home and ate a normal meal, and again, even with the tongue swelling, I ate normal foods. It took me three times longer to eat, but that was just to get used to the new metal in my mouth. Now after 10 days, I eat and speak like I always did. The swelling is completely gone now and I'm having quite a bit of fun with this.

I now "sport" a one inch 14 ga SS barbell that I DO NOT plan on downsizing at this time. I must say that I have an EXTREMELY long tongue, so long in fact that I can reach the tops of my eyebrows with it. Just kidding, but it does extend down past my chin. Lucky? YOU BET! Anywhooooooo the point of that little analogy is that my piercing is quite a ways back due to the length of my tongue and the tongue itself hasn't suffered any damage, as you can see by the pics below. (what hoaky pics I must say! laughing) I can still fold my tongue in half both ways. You can't see it when I talk unless I want you to, but you know I'm sticking it out everywhere that I can, wanting people to notice. One more thing I want to note, I haven't had any trouble with "my balls" coming loose. They are still on tight, even though I do check them once a day to make sure they stay that way. So far, they are as tights as the day Tony put them on.

This was one POSITIVE tongue piercing!

Andrea ([email protected])


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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