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Mike 17's tongue piercing

nter>Mike 17's tongue piercing...

Day 1 (1/30/98) Friday

Hello my name is Mike and I am a 17 year old Jr. at Southern Regional High School in New Jersey. I have been wanting a tongue piercing for sometime now (about 6 days) and I think it is about time to get one.

Day 1 (after school)

It is about 4:30 PM and I am waiting on my friends Ray and George to come over. Ray has like 7 piercings. One in his brow, and the rest in his ears. He had a tongue piercing but he swallowed it when he was sleeping. George does not have any piercings but wants his left ear done (what a sissy).

Day 1 (6:00 PM)

It is time to get pierced, they have arrived, my dad is home from work, and I have had my dinner of rice and veggies, I feel good about it and am going to do it. We are off to the "Love Shack" pierce tattoo shop. When we arrive we enter and my dad fills out the proper forms and shows the required ID. This is the final hour. It is now or never. A fat dude comes up to me and tells me how to take care of it. We sit down in the private booth with the doors open so my friends can see me do it. I take the mint Listerine as instructed and spit it out in the cup he has. I stick out my tongue as told. This time I am getting a 3/4 14 gauge standard bar bell. He takes out a sterile pre rapped pierce needle and the pre rapped bar bell. He says close your eyes. Then I watch as he takes my tongue into a forceps device and locates the proper location for it. He tightens his grip and jams the small needle through my tongue. I look in the mirror and see him run it all the way through. I did not even feel it. Next he puts the bar bell in and screws the bottom ball in securely. Then I rinse with Listerine again. It is all done and I have survived. Next I stand up and pass out. All I can remember is that I see tunnel vision close in on me like TV fuzz and then I cant hear. When I awake the guy is explaining that all people react differently to the piercing and that me and him would be buds as long as I don't throw up on him. 5 minutes later pail me and my friends and dad exit the Love Shack with one more hole in my body.

Day 1 (the way home)

On the way home I try to talk but cant. I have a bad lisp but atleast the swelling is not bad and I am happy there is no blood at all. It is a unique feeling having a bar bell through your tongue. My tongue is not even sore, the only bad part was passing out. The pierce did not even last 30 seconds.

Day 1 (sleeping)

When I get home my friends leave and I sit down and sleep. No pain and all is good. I awake and use Listerine as instructed. The piercing is not sore but is a little swelled. I am glad I got it done.

Day 2 (sitting around)

Yup no tongue tricks for me. just a strict regiment of Listerine and no food. Just water and mouthwash. My mom wont let me out because I don't want to eat cause I am in fear of messing things up. I want it to heal fast so I will not eat till all swelling is done. Nothing note worthy yet. Just shitty Saturday TV and nothing to do cause my mom wont let me out. I am sorta glad though cause I am tired and don't want to mess the piercing up. I think it will heal good because I have always had a strict oral hygiene regiment of 3x brushing plus floss and 2x mouth wash. I am glad I am not sensitive to mint Listerine.

Day 2 (friend Tim calls)

Its 2:00 PM and I have to turn down Tim's request to go to the mall and flash people with my tongue cause its hard to stick it out. Plus I don't even move it so I can promote healing and get to have a healthy tongue piercing that will give me years of flashing preps at the mall with it.

Day 2 (dinner)

For dinner I have apple sauce and water. It is not enough to function but will have to do because of bad swelling.

Day 3

I wake up and my tongue is as bad if not worse as it was Saturday. But it does not hurt. It is just very swelled. I don't eat anything. For dinner I had 1/3 bowl of corn chowder. Then I go to bed.

Day 4

Today its time to go back to high school. I flash people with it and they comment on how big my tongue is. My tongue is green from Listerine overdose and the only thing that keeps me going is how good it is for interrupting classes and throwing the whole class off topic. I am still glad I got it though.

Day 5

Tongue is going down. Its just about better.

Day 6

Just about better.

Day 7

All better. I am able to eat mashed stuff and it is not swelled. My tongue is in good shape. Still have to Listerine for a solid month though.

Two months later (3/15/98)

I am fine and so is my tongue piercing. I want something bigger. I am thinking of going to a 10 gauge from my 14 I have now.

Two months later (3/15/98 after school)

After school me and my friend Ed set out to the Love Shack to get me the enlargement I wanted. We enter the Love Shack and a skinny guy asks me if I want to go up for sizes and then tells me it will hurt. I tell him to go for it. He sits me in the same private room and brings out a sterile enlargement object that is blunt and a size of a needle. I stick out my tongue and he give me a rag that he calls "the cry rag" then he holds my tongue and drives the thing into it. It takes him a very long time to get it all the way through but I am not hurting. It is just a weird position to be sitting in. Eight minutes later he says "all done" and I walk out with out passing out. The fit is tight and it is a little sore. I don't regret it though.

Two months later (3/15/98 later that night)

It does not hurt yet but I can feel my tongue getting stretched.

Few days later

Looking back on getting a bigger one was a good idea cause it did not hurt, is all better now, and looks even cooler than my old one. I am getting a six gauge in a few.


Mike 17's tongue piercing...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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