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Here's my tongue piercing story :D

got my tongue pierced for the first time about a year ago. Within a day of having it done, it swelled up past the entire length of the 1" barbell that was in it, and was spurting bloody-pus-looking stuff. It was really scary, so I went to the emergency room and had them take out my long-awaited tongue piercing.

I spent almost a whole year debating about wether or not to try a tongue piercing again. In the meantime, I got a 14 gauge septum piercing which healed beautifully. :) Finally, on July 19th, 1998, I decided I wanted to try again. After making up my mind, it took me another 2 days to get to the piercing parlor. (even though it's only a 5 minute walk from my house) I wanted my friend Alaina to drive in case I was feeling weird (or passed out) afterwards and couldn't drive.

The morning of the piercing --(July 21,1998), I took a Lortab (coedine based) an hour before leaving the house which I had left over from my knee surgery 3 months earlier. I figured I might as well block as much pain as possible- as early as possible.

We arrived at The Cow Pök ([email protected]) in Buffalo,NY at around 1:00 pm. While talking to the very pierced and tattooed girl behind the counter, during which I was sticking out my tongue to be measured and filling out the release form, we realized that we went to high school together. (oh how people change over the course of 7 years!!) So we sat and chatted for a few minutes till my piercer Keith called me in the back room and had me rinse with Listerine.
After that, he had me sit in this chair/table contraption, and pulled out a bottom tray so I could put my legs up. He explained everything to me as he was doing it, from taking the new needle out of the wrapper, to showing me that all the instruments he was using were sterile. (the autoclave is right next to the table in the back room) Then for some reason he asked me if I was allergic to Novocaine. I dunno why, but the paper towels he dried off my tongue with tasted sort of mediciney, so they might have had some on them, or something. then he had me stick my tongue out and marked it with a sharpie marker on the tip, top and bottom. Next he attached the clamps to my tongue. I started getting really nervous...my heart was pumping really fast and I started sweating. I took a couple deep breaths and tried to calm down a bit. He asked me if I was ready, and I said, "Yeth" ...gripping the sides of the table as hard as I could. He stuck the needle through my tongue, and I started drooling and moaning. It wasn't pain, exactly...I mean, yeah, it hurt...but it was a strange pain, I guess. You're not used to having pain coming from the center of your tongue! :) He pierced from the underside of my tongue through to the top, and once the needle was through, the barbell fit right into the end of the needle, so it was all over in one fell swoop. I got all giggly once the clamps were off...I looked at my tongue in the mirror...ahhh..metal again..a 1" 14 gauge stainless steel tongue stud! :) I had to sit and sip some water for a few minutes... afterwards, while Keith gave me a pamphlet with cleaning instructions in it, and explained how to take care of my new piercing. I barely heard him..I was so giddy!

Afterwards, I sat on their couch for a few minutes and stuck out my already- sore tongue at the group of little blonde teeny-bopper girls that walked in while I was busy being impaled. (they were probably coming in to get their belly buttons done...LoL!) After about 5 minutes, I finished my water and paid my ex-schoolmate Kelly $55.00.

10 minutes after my piercing We stopped at the store to grab a giant bottle of Listerine. (here's a tip...DO NOT BUY THE STORE/GENERIC BRAND...GET LISTERINE FOR YOUR TONGUE!! No MATTER WHAT THEY SAY, STORE/GENERIC BRANDS ARE NOT LISTERINE!!) In the checkout line, this fine guy ahead of us started talking to me about my tongue...all I could think was "it's working already!!" LoL!! Then it happened...for the first time of many...I CAUGHT MY PIERCING ON MY TEETH. ARGH! Talk about PAIN! Anyway, by the time we got to my house..(about 5 mins later) I was on a definate piercing high! Alaina and I walked to the store on the corner of my street, and I was singing "Disco Fleshpot" by Thrill Kill Kult at the top of my lungs. :D We go to a resturant, and I watch Alaina eat veggie lasagna while i suck on icecubes praying that she'll choke.

Almost an hour after my piercing I get in the house and stick my tongue out for my brother to see. It's incredibly swollen already. (i get worried!) and I notice that's it's crooked. (oh well..I'm NEVER going through this again!! LoL) So I pop 6 Tylenol and deal with it.

During the next 4 weeks I couldn't eat right for almost 2 weeks...my tongue was so huge that I could barely talk. Especially the 5 days after the piercing..ARGH! PAIN! I was popping Coedine 3's every 5 hours. After that my tongue went down a bit, but I was still having a huge amount of this "white discharge" that I hear is so normal....also..my top hole had somehow either ripped or stretched to about twice the normal size, while the bottom hole stayed the same size....

At about 3 weeks, my lovely discharge started turning yellowish...then greenish... I KNEW I had an infection, so I started pouring straight peroxide in my piercing and rinsing with a stronger solution of Listerine (you're supposed to dilute it 50-75% with water) I went to the piercing place, and this kid I spoke to said that greenish tongue splooge was normal. (um..WHAT? the booklet said if I had greenish discharge to come in and get it looked at, or go to my doctor) Two days later I went to my doctor, and had him look at my tongue (which is still swollen, by the way) and he gave me penecillin (Veetids 500mg), on the express condition that I take the piercing out if the infection doesn't go away. (yeah, the infection that the piercing guy said I didn't have) I'm on my 4th day of Penecillin now, and I've had MUCH discharge, which I take as my tongue getting rid of the infection. (the infection that I don't have..LoL) And I think I'm developing a keloid around the top hole from it being ripped or stretched or whatever, but maybe I'll stretch my piercing up to a 10 gauge or so, so it'll even out....Also, I want either a labret or an industrial sometime soon. :) I can't wait :D

UPDATE: September 26, 1998 I've been putting off sending this in till my tongue was completely healed...but it's still not....LoL! I took my friend Carey in to get her eyebrow done for her birthday, and I will be sending in some pictures of that as soon as I get them scanned....I also wrote an essay paper about her eyebrow for my college composition class, which I might also submit...My keloid on the top of my tongue went down..(thankfully) But my tongue is still a bit sore. And I am definately getting my labret piercing for my birthday, (October 13th, if you want to send presents) which I will have to submit pix of...well that's it for now... See ya on the other side of the needle :D

~~Dana, The Almighty PyrcedGrrl~~ Buffalo,NY


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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