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bad tongue experience

   About one month ago I got my tongue pierced.  It was something that

I had thought about for awhile, but not seriously, because I never drempt that I could go through with it. My friend picked me up and didn't tell me that we were going to get it done that day. We were just driving around town and she said that she wanted to stop at the new piercing place down town. We went into the stuido and she started with the 20 questions which I was greatfull for because I wouldn't have had the nerve to ask. Apparently happy with all the responses, she said that this was the place and tonight was the night. She was paying for me, so what could I say?

    I didn't find that the clamp hurt as much as some people say, but

holy shit the needle hurt so much! I was screeming as best as I could, seeing that I had a needle going through me. I lost total control of my tongue, and it sort of did what it wanted, which was not what I, or the piercer wanted. Somehow I managed to almost pull the tongue, with the needle and the clamp back into my mouth. I found that the barbell's sharp threads going through my raw flesh was the most painfull part of all.

    Once he got the ball on the barbell done up, the pain was gone and i

was so high on adrenelin that i was flying. I was happy that I wasn't driving because I didn't know if I would have been able. The next day wasn't that bad but it was swelled up considerably. From there on in it only got worse. My tongue swelled up so much that the bottom ball was entirly lodged in my tongue. I could pop it out by pushing on the top ball, but this was quit painfull. After days of this, and absoultly no change in the swelling, I decided to get in touch with my piercer. He said that he has never hered of this. VERY REASHURING!!! He concluded that he mis judged my tongue size and should have gone with a 7/8 or 1" instead of the 3/4. He said that he'd order one in and it could be changed. Well three days later, I couldn't take it anymore. The Barbell still wasn't in and he kept saying tomorow.

    I ended up having to go to the hospital where my mom and boyfriend

had to hold me down as the doctor came at me with these sharp instroments pokeing at me. I was hysterical. I was screeming, and crying and kicking and punching.

    I ended up getting the barbell out, and it healed up well.  I guess

this is just another story that will help others who want a tongue piercing. I am by no means against such a thing, but it is important that these avoidable circumstances are avoided. If the piercer had just said come back next week when the proper size barbell was in, this would have never happened. I don't blame my piercer. It is up to us to find out all the information.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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