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Tongue Adventures @ Visual Addiction

decided to get my tongue pierced about a year and a half ago but did not take the time to get it done until January 98. When I finally decided to get it done I called a place called Visual Addiction in Carlisle, PA. I go to Shippensburg University which is relatively close to Carlisle. In addition, my friend recommended them. Finally on a sleeting, horrible day, my roommate and my friend Robyn took the 20 minute drive to Visual Addiction. There I met Chad, the piercer. Chad was so mellow and quiet as he explained the process and showed me the sterile bags that my nervousness just disappeared. Pulling out my tongue, he made a mark. I looked at it and decided that it would be fine. He noted that it might be a little far back and that he could move it up. In the excitement of the moment I said that that spot would be fine. This decision would eventually come back to haunt me.

But back to the procedure: This was very smooth and barely hurt at all though I did bleed a good bit. I examined it in the mirror, liked what I saw and paid and thanked Chad and left. When I got back to the dormroom I looked at the piercing and saw that Chad had made the hole at a very sharp angle. This was because my tongue cannot stick out very far and the distance I got it back made it necessary to pierce at a hard angle to make it come out on the bottom near the front.

Now, when I stuck out my tongue it was straight and certainly the angle was not so bad that it could not have worked but my lack of control would cause me to ruin the piercing.

The thing that ruined my piercing: too much movement. The first day I got it I was moving it around. DON'T EVER DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't stress this enough, especially if your piercing is at angle such as mine. Moving it that early, with the flesh still tender, caused a small tear to appear within a couple of days. When I saw this I stopped moving it and the tear appeared to heal. A couple of weeks later the tear appeared again though it was not very big. In addition, my tongue had swollen up during the first week larger than most people's would and the ball sunk fairly deep in the top surface. This did not disappear even after the swelling went down. So I gave a call back to Chad to ask him what to do. He told me that perhaps I should try a slightly bigger and longer gauge. Since I had a 12 gauge I figured a 10 would not be much of a problem. Plus he thought the larger gauge would open the tear back up (the tear had healed as a little rip instead of growing back near the bar) and allow it to heal around the hole (this is hard to explain, but the way the tear was it is understandable...I wish I had a picture). I went back to Visual Addiction and Chad repierced the 10 gauge a mere three and half weeks after the first time. Chad made sure he was extra sterile in this situation.

And so he put the larger needle through. THE PAIN WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! Not only this, but I started salivating and the needle slipped out as his gloves got wet so he had to do it again. All I could do was keep flexing my legs and breathing rather hard. Finally it was done. Feeling a bit woozy I got up and left. Chad, putting some of the blame on himself for not seeing the possible problems, gave me the new bar for very cheap and did not charge for the piercing.

I got back to the dorm and looked at my tongue. It looked okay, though it was a bit sore. In a few days it felt fine and the tear seemed alright. But a week later, while eating a hamburger, I pulled the bar hard to the left. Flinching in pain, I realized what I would see in the mirror a few minutes later: my tongue had ripped again.

At this point I decided the tear was not so bad that I had to take it out. It felt fine and was not a real bother to me ( or anyone else! :) ) so I kept it. Well, this past June, I decided that the piercing was not ascetically pleasing to me and I took it out. Now I have a hard part in my tongue where scar tissue has formed but I have room to get it repierced which I will be getting sometime this week ( hopefully tomorrow!)

Even with my troubles I loved my piercing and miss it. It was very fun to play with and was worth the week of swelling and discomfort to get it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 1998
in Tongue Piercing

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