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I had to work from 5-8 tonight, and afterwards I called my friend to see what she was up to and if she could hang out. I found out she herself was at work, and that she was about to get off and that we could go to her house. Her dad picked us up, and took us to their house. This is where the experience starts.

After smoking, she reminded me about the fact that she had a piercing kit. Remembering the fact that I have wanted a navel piercing for a few months, I asked her if she would pierce it. ( I do NOT advocate self piercing, or being pierced by unprofessional people, however, due to my mother's protectiveness of me, this way was my only option.)

Mind you, I'm deathly afraid of needles, especially big ones, due to an experience at the dentist when I was 8. Because of this, I was extremely skeptical on letting her get near me.

First, I marked my stomach with a sharpie, for where I wanted the needle/jewelry to go in and come out. After I got a placement I liked, I allowed her to proceed.

Again, I'm freaked out by needles, and for some reason, the clamps were no easier for me to allow her to touch me with. Those fuckers looked painful, and boy was I right. Once she looked to make sure the clamp and markings were lined up, she asked me if she could continue. I was holding my hand over where the needle would go thru so she wouldn't touch me with it and catch me off guard.

After nearly bursting into tears because I wanted it done so badly, yet could not for some god awful reason get over my fear of needles, I finally said "Here Lemme do it myself." I stood up, readjusted the clamps, and took the needle into my own hands. I lined it up with the mark, and started pushing. Unfortunately, to my dismay, I was too scared to push hard enough to get the goddamn needle thru my skin! Can you say failure?

"Becca... you aren't pushing hard enough... gimme that needle," Tammy said. Reluctantly, I handed her the needle back, knowing it was now or never. I looked down as i felt the sharp tip break thru my skin. It wasn't unbearable, just a bit of an awkward feeling. She continued forcing the needle thru my skin, and I continued feeling immense pressure.

As I said "ouch ouch ouch," Tammy squinted her eyes and said "Its almost thru, don't worry." A mere 2 seconds or so later, she said "Oh... wait... nevermind... its thru!" I looked down and said "oooh. cool." She looked up at me and said "Do you wanna look?" I was on my knees, and I carefully turned toward the mirror, as I was (and still am) scared of needles, and didn't want to end up with an inverse navel. :]

"damn... that looks awesome... but this frickin thing is poking me!" I said, in a rush of adrenaline and excitement. I turned back to Tammy, and said "Put the jewelry in." She then reminded me that I would kinda have to lay down for her to insert the jewelry correctly without hurting me. She helped me lay down, again due to the fact that I had a needle going thru my stomach and did not want another piercing... one was good enough!

When I was finally laying down and comfortable, she proceeded to remove the needle, and then insert the 14g stainless steel curved barbell. "It doesn't wanna come out," she said "I have to push." At this point, I was once again scared shitless and worried that she failed hardcore. When she was taking the needle out, I felt a slight pressure and a little pain, but again, nothing unbearable. However, I just came to find out no more than 30 seconds ago, that my skin was hooked on the needle and that she was pushing my skin back with her nails to get it unhooked. However, this girl has known me for 12 years, so she knows NOT TO TELL ME WHEN THIS IS HAPPENING.

After about 2 minutes (or maybe thats just how it seems, but I do actually believe it was 2 minutes) she finally got the needle out, and was beginning the process of insertion of the jewelry. I heard her say "Okay... its in...finally." I looked, and saw that it was, in fact, in, and looked pretty stellar. "Okay... the hard part is over." Tammy said. I responded with a quick yeah, and then she shot back, "Well.. putting the ball on is the hard part for me." I was a bit taken aback by this statement, but then replied, "Lemme stand up... I'll do it... im good with balls." I stood up, walked over to the mirror, and within 15 seconds had the little ball screwed on and secure.

Now, only an hour and a half later, I'm still pleased with my little buddy.

Now to get thru homecoming, and my mommy not knowing about it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Tammy
Studio: Bedroom
Location: Fox+Point%2C+Wisconsin

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