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Big chicken turns into hot chick

This happened a week before my 30th birthday (about a fortnight ago), I was struck down by an early midlife crisis. Feeling generally fat, unnattractive, old and boring, I invested in a Nintendo Wii fit and a navel piercing... The Wii fit went down better with the boyfriend but hey-ho, I feel more sexy and he has noticed that I am more "active".

I never really thought about a navel piercing as such, I jumped in the car with my boyfriend's teenage daughter on a mission to get her some ear tunnels, I was making idle chit chat in the car and asked her if she could get a piercing what would it be? She wanted reverse navel so on the spur of the moment we decided to both get pierced (she wanted reverse navel piercing, I decided on standard navel piercing). But it all went typically wrong. Nowhere in Adelaide does piercing on a Tuesday! We tried 6 places and we both started getting impatient, convinced we were doomed. In the end we were pierced by the head of the Australian Piercing Association who came in especially to pierce us – so it worked out for the best!

By then (after what seemed like hours trying to find somewhere) my nerves were shot to bits and I felt sick and seriously chickening out. Morag did me first (probably she was worried I would chuck up on their premises). I always assumed navel piercing was extremely painful and I would be confined to at least 2 days bed rest afterwards, but was shocked and surprised – I DID NOT FEEL ANY PAIN! Obviously I felt Morag put the clamp on and the needle go through but it didn't hurt it was barely a pinch. Going for a blood test is much worse. We talked about motorbikes, her tour piercing Scotland and all sorts, she made me feel very relaxed and I really liked her.

My boyfriend's teenage daughter felt slightly more pain due to the location of the piercing and the fact she cannot pinch an inch (or even a centimetre). During the aftercare talk she went white and almost passed out. Morag gave her a sugary drink and sat her down. She came good in the end. Hopefully if she decides she is going to get anything else pierced she will go back to Morag and get it done properly. Last year she got something pierced on her own - it was her ear cartilege and the piercer did it with a gun and it went septic – poor girl ended up in hospital on an antibiotic drip to save her ear. Good on her for having the courage to have her navel done (or maybe she is just foolhardy?). Anyway I have told her never to get pierced by someone with a gun (piercing gun or an AK47 for that matter).

The recommended aftercare was soaking in salt water on a daily basis and using antibacterial soap. There hasn't been any pain or discomfort and I had no problems hula-hooping and yoga-ing on the Wii the same day as getting the piercing. I still can't believe how pain-free it has all been – it hurt less than ear lobe piercing. I just hope neither of us get infected. Both of us have had a small amount of itching / crust which is only to be expected as it is part of the healing / scabbing process. You can't see it though unless you examine really closely.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this piercing and Morag down at the Tattoo Gallery. If you live in Adelaide, Tuesday is a baaaaad day to get pierced. I think that a navel piercing is a good piercing for someone like me in a managerial position where visible piercings are a no-no. I feel much sexier now with my kit off and it has given me more incentive to get toned up. I don't think my boyfriend likes it, he seems very anti-piercings - in fact I felt like taking it out that night because he was so crotchety with me. Anyway, that seems to have blown over, I am glad I kept it in, hopefully he prefers me being more of a minx!

I guess now it is a case on seeing if it rejects, I know my boyfriend's daughter's probably will as it is a surface piercing, hopefully if she looks after it well it will last as long as possible at least she sill be able to enjoy it all this summer. We live on the beach front so we need to look good in bikinis! I am not sure what her dad will say when he discovers she has had hers done as well... but she is old enough to get whatever she wants pierced so its her choice, as long as she is happy.

Have fun piercing - and remember to avoid AK47's....


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Morag+Draper
Studio: The+Tattoo+Gallery
Location: Adelaide

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