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Amazing Navel Experience

I had just arrived at my boyfriend's house after leaving my college campus for a well deserved weekend break. I had wanted my navel pierced since I saw how well it looked on my older cousin when I was 16 and we had the same body type so figured it would look great on me too. (I was right!)

So as me and my boyfriend were chilling in the living room playing Halo 2 I turned to me him and said "We should get something pierced,", I knew before he opened his mouth that he was well up for the idea. He decided that he would get his ears pierced with gauges and I would get my navel pierced. Boy was he excited.

So we started to do a little research on the local piercing places close to where we lived. And boy was it worth it, NEVER, I repeat NEVER go into just any piercing place on a whim, look around, it's your body and you don't want somebody messing it up. We had called a famous little place that most of our friends had gone too, and they gave us an estimate, 70 dollars for my piercing! Oh my goodness! maybe if you're in California should a navel piercing cost that much.

I was ready to give up my 70 dollars, as long as I knew it was going to be done by a professional. However something inside said "don't settle just yet".

Our friend Chelsea had arrived and inquired as to why we were so busy with the phone calls. When the situation was explained she looked horrified that we had considered going to the piercing place we had picked (I won't put it down here for confidentiality) but apparently there was some major drug usage going on in that joint.

Now here's where the magic happened. Chelsea's father is the head tattoo artist at Spyders tattoos! Why didn't I know this? My Boyfriend and I had known Wayne for years, but for some reason Tattoo artist didn't pop into our heads.

So just like that we were off to get our piercings!

We had to bring my boyfriends mom along with since he wasn't quiet 18 yet. Which was a fun experience since we almost got her to get a Tattoo!

Well now to the actual experience for those girls who want to get their navels pierced. First off let me say that you really should wait until your 18, honestly most girls don't know themselves enough yet and are just fallowing a trend, Heck some 18+ year old getting it done in college shouldn't get it done either, I've never seen so many infected navels due to the old "It'll be ok I don't want to bother taking care of it" routine!

Well we went into Spyders Tattoo and Piercings. The place was well decorated with art decorating the walls. A young lady with more metal on her face than Pin Head greeted us and has us fill out all the paper work, she asked for my ID, had my boyfriend and his mom do their entire mandatory stuff. I highly recommend you read the paperwork they give you, it might take you a little longer, but just do it.

The girl led me and my boyfriend back into a closed off area away from the praying eyes of the people hanging out in the lounge.

Although the place smelled like a nursing home it was well lit and well decorated. They had their own Pet Tarantula! SO cool, any who.

She led me into a room that looked more like a gothic dentist's room than a cheesy tattoo parlor.

Wayne was sitting there waiting for me and Tyler (MY BF), he sat up and cleaned off the "dentist" chair and had me lay down to relax as he washed his hands, he then pulled out all the needles and clamps in blue packages and had me watch him as he auto autoclaved them, and then opened the package in front of me, he explained how he was going to do the piercing and had me stand up to sterilize and march the entry and exit points on my navel.

I then went to a mirror to look at the marks and "OK" them for Wayne. By the time I made it back to the chair I was starting to feel really cold, my palms were sweating and I was feeling a little sick. Then I thought "Why isn't Tyler going first to show me how it's done", I heard a click and there was a clamp slipped onto the fold on skin that was the top of my belly button, I grabbed Tyler's hand and he kept saying "It'll be ok" I just kept looking up at him and telling him how nervous I was.


What? I looked at Tyler confused and he just smiled and nodded to my Navel, when I looked down there waiting for me was a shiny silver barbell. Wayne then cleaned my belly button again with an alcohol swab and had me sit up to look at it in the mirror.

I was in awe, it looked amazing. Maybe I was just seeing things but it actually made my petite little belly look even smaller and chiseled.

I couldn't believe it was there, I wanted to touch it to see if it was real. I didn't even feel it go in! (And believe me I was scared since my roommate had hers done and said he almost screamed and that it took the girl who did hers 3 minutes to get the needle in, I'm starting to think that, that is not normal!)

I then had to hold Tyler's hand as he went through having his ears pierced and gauged. He bled a little more than I did, but wow, the gauges looked great on him!

Overall, it was a great experience because I had a good piercer.

And he only charged me 30 dollars, and gave me a 10 minute talk on how to care for my new piercing.

A Sea Salt Soak 3 times a day and keeping it dry and letting it get lots of air.

Well it's been a little over a week now, and I'm happy to say well....I couldn't be happier!

The pierced area was a little sore for the first two days, but the Sea Salt Soak took a lot of the pain away. I slept on my back and wore a sports bra, so my new piercing could get lots of Air.

And Now it's not sore anymore, there isn't any discharge, heck it look almost healed except for the fact that there is a tiny, and I mean tiny bit of redness around the piercing site.

This piercing is well worth it, it looks beautiful, makes me feel so much better about myself, and my boyfriend thinks it majorly hot!

It didn't hurt for me, and aftercare was pretty easy, except for sitting with a small Dixie cup of sea salt over my belly 3 times a day. I recommend getting a barbell instead of a ring, since it will be a little easier to take care of. And never neglect the care of your new piercing, clean it and take care of it religiously. You'll be happy you did.

Note: If anyone has any questions if they think theirs is infected or if they're worried that their piercer didn't do a respectable job. Feel free to E-mail me.

Double Note: If anyone is in the Radcliff Kentucky area, go to Spyders, you'll be treated well and professionally.

Triple Note: My Piercing experience went so well I'm already planning on getting more piercings. Hahaha hope my family doesn't disown me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Oct. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Wayne
Studio: Spyders+Tatooing+and+PIercing
Location: Radcliff+Kentucky

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