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Standard Navel at 15

First off, a little history with me and body modifications. Just like any other teenage girl, I have both of my ears pierced, twice. But my first hole is stretched to a 0 while I left my second hole alone. This happened a few months back (I am now fifteen). The first piercing I acquired, other than my ears, was my nose. And I did this one by myself. And, to make things worse, all I did was shove a sewing needle through my nostril. Without any form of sterilization. Now, to top things off, I wasn't prepared and so all I had to stick through my lovely hole was an earing. Horrible experience let me tell you. And then came my smiley. Which was pierced by my friend with a safety pin. I kept that one in for about... three months before I got tired of it and took it out. No infection, no irritation. During the time that I had my smiley, I pierced my hips. Again, with safety pins. I then proceeded to ram a surface bar through both piercings and called it a day. Surprisingly they didn't get infected and I kept them in for about two months before the summer came and I took them out before my mom could see what I'd been up to.

And all this leads up to my first professional (other than my ears) piercing; my navel. Bow, my mom and dad are not too keen on body mods and weren't even going to let me get my ears done. So I had to really plan out how I was going to ask them to let me get my navel done. I decided on this piercing because, unlike gauges, smileys, and hip piercings, a navel is fairly common and not an... untraditional piercing. Anyway. So I did allll of my research before I asked them. I found a place to get it done, called them up and asked about prices, procedure, healing time, and everything I would need to know. So with all the information on hand, I planned out the actual asking bit.

I ended up deciding to write a formal letter to my parents explaining why I wanted a navel piercing, and I also included all of the information I had gathered. I left the note on their pillow and went to bed. The next morning at the dinner table, my mom brought up the subject and asked me more questions about the piercing. After answering all of them, she said she would talk to my dad about it. I knew that was going to be the hard part, and so I patiently waited for their decision. THREE MONTHS LATER they finally give me their answer... YES! On once condition of course. There were to be no other piercings or tattoos of any sort until I was 18 and out of the house and the piercing would be taken out at first sign of infection. I could live with those standards.

And so, I waited until my birthday rolled around to schedule my appointment. Setting the date for the Saturday after I turned fifteen, I walked into the studio with my friend and mom and filled out all the required paperwork. Aftercare was also walked through and the piercer answered all of my questions and left me feeling very well informed. After about ten minutes of talking about the aftercare and such, I was led into the back room by Rachel and I watched as set up her area and pulled the needle and jewelry from out of their packages after she had gotten on new gloves. Score one for cleanliness.

I was seated on a doctor type chair and Rachel (my piercer) walked me through the procedure. After she had marked me and made sure I liked the placement, I was told to lay down on the chair. I knew that the clamps came next. After reading many stories here, I knew that the clamps would probably be the worst part. However, considering I have a really high tolerance to pain (or so it seems) the clamps didn't bother me in the least. In fact, I hardly felt them. Then, Rachel told me to take a deep breath in, and on the exhale she would pierce me. So I followed her directions and exhaled. I could feel the needle poking through my skin, but it wasn't painful at all. It felt more like a soft pinch than anything. The next thing I know the jewelry had been threaded through and I now had a shiny object in my skin. After letting me look in the mirror to make sure I liked it, Rachel made sure that I felt fine and that I wasn't going to pass out or anything, and then she sent me on my wa y.

All in all, the experience was a really positive one, and I would do it again any day. So far there have been no troubles with the piercing. I barely even feel it when I move around, and there was minimal bleeding when it was first pierced. I highly recommend The Catalyst to anyone in the Vancouver, Washington area. They are a very professional studio with a very friendly atmosphere. The piercers there really know what they are doing and make you feel comfortable.

In four weeks I can go back in and have my jewelry changed to a barbell with a gem, and I can't wait until I can show off my new mod to all my friends!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Rachel
Studio: The+Catalyst
Location: Vancouver%2C+Washington

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