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Not what I wanted... But so much better! [Inverse Navel]

As a first time piercer, other than ears, I was pretty excited about this piece of kit that was about to be pushed through my skin. I've always been interested in piercings, snakebites and other lip piercings in particular, but there are lots of really interesting ones I'd love to have. Of course, being of school age, and having a school that forbids any form of facial piercings, as well as a father who's worst idea of hell is me being pierced, my beloved Snakebites were out of the questions. So I battled him trying to talk him round, saying that belly buttons weren't bad, and as long as the school didn't see it, it would be fine. After about two months, he caved. Well, not caved, just said 'Fine, whatever, your body.' I then set about finding a piercer.

I live in an area where you're seen as odd if you have your cartilage pierced, let alone your navel. This means piercing places are hard to find. I found a couple, lots in Bristol, but when I looked at them they seemed to be a bit scummy, and I wasn't comfortable in them. I had begun talking to my friend about them, and she had expressed her desire to get her nostril pierced, so we continued our search together. we found one other place in our vicinity. It was in nearby Frome, which still involved a 20 minute drive [not a big issue for you die hard piercers], but was far closer than anywhere else. I phoned up for details of when we could come in, and the man on the other end of the line was hppy to tell me all the details of the sterilisation and such as well as answer any of my stupid questions as a first time piercee.

Me and my friend rolled up with my Mother at approximately 4 o'clock, and found the place. First impressions weren't exactly amazing. The waiting room wasn't modern furnishing wise, or in anyway a swanky place. There wasn't even a proper reception desk, but I didn't mind. The overwhelming feeling when I walked in was one of friendliness, like I was just round a friend's house, other than the awkwardness given off by Mother, who's generally not one for hanging out in tattoo parlours. We filled out the correct forms, and handed over our money, whilst my Mother examined some of the tattoo designs. Purely because of the artistic talent that had gone into them, she said.

By this time, I was shaking with nerves and excitement. This was the first time I'd been pierced with a needle, as my ears had been done with a gun. My friend wasn't doing much better. What with the nostril being a really obvious piercing, she was praying that it would all be fine. The wait was made even worse by the fact the piecer was over at the bank when we arrived, meaning we had to wait a while whilst she did her thing.

In my intelligence, I had allowed my friend to be pierced first. Not a good idea. I wasn't allowed in the studio, as it was incredibly small, and if I had gone in, there wouldn't have been enough room to allow the piercer to do her job freely. I wasn't too put off by this, as I tend to calm down when there isn't people watching me. So, my friend walked in, and about 5 minutes later she walked out, sporting a turquoise gem in her nose and an adrenalin fuelled smile. She was babbling on about how it didn't hurt at all, and she hadn't even noticed the jewellery being inserted. That made me a feel a whole lot better, despite me getting a completely different piercing.

Julie [the piecer] came out and asked me to roll up my top so she could check what jewellery and such to use. As I pulled my top up, I saw a look that seemed to say 'Ah. Huston, we have a problem.' I obviously picked this up.

As a baby, I had a hernia. The resulting scar has left me with an outie belly button. It's not as bad as some, but because of the way its positioned, I don't have the usual lip at the top, where regular piercings go. I'd just assumed that they'd pierce through the outie, like a true navel piercing, and leave me with a semi-regular navel piercing. Apparently, this wasn't the case. As my outie wasn't natural, but caused by a hernia, my outie was a mass of scar tissue. Not only would this be hellish to pierce through [apparently], there would be a high chance of rejection. Julie said she'd be happy to do it, but more than likely it would reject in two months and I'd have lost thirty quid.

This, obviously, was a bit of an issue. They were happy to refund my £30, and send me away without a piercing, but I couldn't just let my friend pierce all alone. Then it occurred to me. The bottom of my belly button looks just the same as any 'normal' navel, so why not get that pierced? I suggested this to the piercer. She took another look at my stomach and decreed that yes, that would be possible. As a result of my outie, I'd have to have a bendy acrylic barbell, rather than a belly bar, and it would have to be shorter than usual, to accommodate for my outie, but it could work. I gladly accepted the offer.

I was led into the room, and Julie marked me up. After checking they were straight, which they no doubt were, seeing as she'd meticulously used a ruler, I was allowed to pick my jewellery. My choice had gone down, thanks to the specific nature of my piercing, but there were a good selection of coloured barbells I could choose. I chose a sweet metallic blue one, which matched the colour of the one in my friend's nose practically perfectly. Not that I wanted to look the same as her, but it was a pretty cool colour. It was then go time.

Julie began to clamp my stomach, pulling out the skin. This was a bit uncomfortable. It was at this point she decided it would be fun to mention that my belly button is lopsided. Great. So now my piercing is going to look angled. She smiled as I led down and pulled out my skin, holding the clamps in her right hand and the needle in her left, thanks to her left handed-ness. Then, the usual routine started.

"Count to three."

"Ok. On- Ow!"

"Just need to feed the jewellery in now." I tilted my head up and saw a giant needle sticking out of my skin. I hadn't seen the needle properly until then and my first thought was 'Holy hell, its massive'. Not only had I decided to look, but I'd fallen for the oldest piercing trick in the book. Count to three.

I watched as her hands fiddled with the barbell, pushing it in. I was so high on adrenalin by this point that I only felt a slight discomfort.

"I'm going to put a patch on now, so it doesn't rub." She said, her hand picking up a huge plaster. This was not a good thing. I wanted to show my new hole to everyone.

"Can I just show my mate first?" She smiled and opened the door.

I dashed out with my stomach on show, grinning like a loon. I showed off my new piece, receiving an appreciative 'Awesome' from my friend and my mother thought it looked 'better than she thought'. Oh well. Can't please them all. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It did look pretty swish. Two little blue spheres sticking out of my stomach. I giggled a little and headed to the piercing room, where Julie stuck on the patch and sent me on my way with some cleaning solution and an after care sheet.

It was then the pain really started. It was just a dull ache at first, but as I moved, I could feel the tugging on the skin. I hoped and hoped that it was normal, itching to get the patch off after the two hours Julie had suggested.

When I got it off, it was as gorgeous as I remembered, and I followed the aftercare sheet meticulously. I've only had it a few hours, but I adore it, despite the little inverse not being quite what I wanted.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Julie+%5BI+think%5D
Studio: Punctured+Skin
Location: Frome%2C+Somerset%2C+England

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