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"Navel or Nothing"

To start this off; I'm almost 15, heading off to level 1 in a few short weeks, I do not drink, smoke, do drugs, or any of that, I get straight A's, never disobey my mother, and I have a slight obsession with body mods (:

My obsession started when my cousin get her tounge done; I was ten and a half years old and unbelivably jealous! I asked my mom if I could get my tounge pierced the very next day and her answer was what would be expected; "NO!". I let it drop.

Flash forward to end of ninth grade when I came out with flying colours, to me, it was a great excuse to get somthing pierced. I started religously surfing BME looking for insperation and ideas I found it near impossible to narrow it done to only one piercing but after hours and hours spent on Photobucket, Google, and BME (of course) I decided that an eyebrow piercing was perfect for me!

I kept the idea to myself for a few days and kept doing my research. By the time I confronted my very conservitive mom about it, I could recite the aftercare and precautions blindfolded and spinning on my head (not that I tried or anything) and still, she shot me down. Being a teenager, I felt nescary to give the whole "it's my body" speech which follwed with her giving me the "you should respect your body, not violate it!" speech. I knew it was a losing battle, but I had another thoguht; "she only said no to the eyebrow ...".

Over the next few days I revisted tounge piercings, brought up labrets and monroes, I even suggested a nipple piercing just to piss her off, but the answer was still a no.

Just a day later, mom came knocking on my bedroom door; "Mel" she said, "what about a cute little navel piercing?". I immediatly rejected the idea. I was never a girly girl and the thought of having somthing dangling from my belly button kinda disgusted me. I thought of the girls I knew with their's pierced; they wore skirts and high heels and a cheerleading uniform and I had nothing in common with those girls. Her final words before she departed my room were "Well, it's a navel or nothing".

I had my belly button pierced four days later. I hated giving into my mom like that, but I have to admit, I really love it!

My actual piercing experience was nothing out of the ordinary if I must say. Thursday afternoon, my best friend, my mother, and myself took a 45 minute drive to downtown St. John's and arrived at Studio Maxx 20 minutes early for my appointment. By this time, I was ready to jump out of my shoes I was that excited! Once Fred finished up with a tatoo, he directed the three of us into a back room where there was a dentist type chair and a tray of needles and other various instrument-looking things. I sat in the chair, was marked twice and clamped which took several glove changes on Fred's behalf. Once he removed the 14g needle from the sterile package, my mom fled the room in a panic and I grabbed my friend's hand with as much force as I could manage. I was told to breathe in and out, which I expected, but what I did not expect was the little amount of pain I felt; it was just a small amount of pressure and seconds later, I had my very first body mod!

I was tremendously excited the whole way home and coulnd't help showing it off to friends and family. My mom didn't like it much at first and was constantly telling me to haul my shirt back down, but latley, it has grown on her and she's even bought me a new ring for it. The first week or so was a bit problematic; I had dance practices that consisted of several hours and the moving and streching casued a bit of pain but that didn't last long. The healing process is going good; anti-bacterial soap and sea salt soaks seem to be doing the trick and I havent had a problem with it. I can now change the bar bell myself, a task that I am very proud of, if I might add. Now that I look back, I do feel a little guilty for writing this piercing off at first. I have learned that the piercing doesn't make the girl, the girl makes the piercing! I would reccemond a navel piercing to any one; it is very worth the $45!

I am now back to bugging my mom for a new piercing (vertical labret this time) and slowly going nowhere! Wish me luck!

Happy Piercing;

Mel (:


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Fred
Studio: Studio+Maxx
Location: St.+John%27s%2C+NL%2C+Canada

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