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My prettyful navel piercing

Another awesome piercing by Jayne at Feline tattoo studio in Sheffield and I thought I'd write about it for all of you at BMEzine. Please bear in mind that I only had this done this morning so there's no healing experience in here, just the piercing experience, so (touch wood) the healing could be horrible and painful. Anyway, I phoned Feline this morning to see if I could go in and buy a segment ring for my lip and get it fitted - long story short the ball fell out of my BCR and is now in parts unknown. When they said it was fine for me to come in whenever I liked that day, I set off on the half hour walk from my house. When I arrived, Jayne asked me what kind of ring I wanted, so I opted for a plain silver coloured titanium segment ring which cost £6 (free fitting - I don't know if that applies to all or it was just because the piercing was done by her). She led me through to the room at the back and took a nice 14g 10mm segment ring from the sealed packet, after putting so me gloves on of course! I took the remains of my BCR out and stuffed it in my purse later to be discarded and Jayne set about getting the segment ring in my lip. There was a bit of trouble because it wouldn't come out at the other end on the inside of my mouth and she didn't want to force in incase she hurt me, so I hopped out of the chair, went to the mirror and pushed it through. In a second the segment was fitted and my days of choking when my broken BCR fell out were finally over! I asked her if she had any other appointments that afternoon and thankfully she didn't, so I decided (on impulse... not really advised) to get my belly button pierced.

She showed me three prepacked jewellery options, a BCR, a jewelled bananabell or a plain babanabell. I opted for the plain one which cost £30. It was 14g and titanium and besides, I'm not a fan of sparkly body jewelery, I prefer mine to be plain silver coloured titanium. Jayne asked me if I wanted to be talked through the cleaning procedure of all the instruments, how everything was put through the autoclave and prepacked etc. I declined because I've been there so many times but it was good that she asked. While the instruments were being sterilized, Jayne asked me to stand, feet together, facing straight ahead so she could mark a central point on my navel. When she did, she asked me to check in the mirror to make sure it was central and it all looked good so back into the chair for me. Jayne tucked some paper towel over my jeans in case of any bleeding then proceeded with the clamps. I know people say the clamps hurt, but personally I hardly felt them but that's probably jus t me being the weirdo I am. She sprayed the area with an ice-freeze spray which was probably the most painful part! Then it was the "deep breath" routine while the needle went in and out, then the jewellery was inserted. It was over in seconds and I hardly felt anything, but then again I never seem to with piercings, guess I'm just lucky :]
Anyway, on with the show, After cleaning the area with antiseptic spray, a dressing was placed over the piercing (called MEPORE here in the UK). I was told to clean with saltwater twice daily and showed some techniques specific to navel piercings which help you get the saline solution to the entrance and exit points. 1. press one (CLEAN!) finger under the bigger ball that's sitting in your belly button and lift it lightly, this pushes the top ball outwards so some of the bar is exposed at the top of the piercing, allowing you to clean around the entrance point. 2. push the top ball downwards, as if you were pushing it into your skin, but not too hard. This lifts the bigger ball out from your belly button allowing you to clean around the exit point and more importantly, clean inside your belly button! 3. Place your thumb and forefinger either side of the bar (so it's running vertically between your thumb and finger) and pull outwards lightly. This stretching of the skin moves the piercing back into place after cleaning. After showing me those techniques, I was given an aftercare sheet which contained all the necessary information I needed about cleaning and spotting signs of infection. Along with that I received some spare MEPORE dressings to put on the piercing. I was instructed to take the current one off at night, clean my piercing then put a clean dressing on. After three days (6 dressings in total, 2 per day), then I could stop putting the dressings on but to continue with the cleaning process. After checking I was alright, not feeling faint and whatnot, I went outside to pay. It came to £36 all together (£6 for the segment ring and £30 for the navel piercing), I paid £40 because Jayne really is an awesome piercer and lovely to chat to. So that was my navel piercing experience, like I said in the intro, I've not embarked upon the healing process. I've done my evening clean and placed a new dressing on, it was a bit tender to clean but of course that's normal with a piercing that's only
a few hours old! and I have no doubt that if there are any problems, Jayne wouldn't hesitate to put things right, a truly great place and highly reccommended by me!

Just a quick note to those of you who get your navel pierced (or any other piercing for that matter - save ears) and don't receive spare dressings, you can get them from local pharmacies. I got some spare ones just in case (I usually scrunch them up accidentally when trying to put them on lol), so I popped into Boots on the way home and showed them the MEPORE dressings I'd been given and they sell the same ones for 49p each, so it's well worth investing in some. If they don't sell mepore at your pharmacy, what you're looking for is basically a one-use, adhesive dressing, they usually come in multipacks and basically look like breatheable plasters but made of white cotton rather than the usual plaster/bandaid material.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jayne
Studio: Feline
Location: Sheffield%2C+UK

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