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Had she dropped the needle?

The main reason I wanted my navel pierced was because I think my belly button looks like a weird hole, randomly placed in my abdomen. Some people have cute stomachs, but mine was hideous. I wanted this abomination covered, so I decided that if I got it pierced the larger ball would cover the hole and I would look normal.

I used to be fat. No one wants to see a fat girl with her belly button pierced. So I waited, and waited and waited some more, finally I was skinny enough to look decent with my navel pierced and to be comfortable enough to lift my shirt to get it done. I had lost over 40 pounds and decided that I was happy enough with my body as it was. Besides I thought to my self a little bit of pudge is normal. I decided I should reward myself by finally getting my navel pierced. However I was distracted by getting my tongue pierced and all was well for the time being...

By this point it had been close to four years and it had slipped my mind. At this point I was in college, I finally turned 18 and I decided to get another tattoo. This one read "LOVE TRUTH BEAUTY FREEDOM" and ran along my wrist in intricate script. This went well and I remained calm though all of this. My tattooer (Isaac, who did an amazing job) asked my roommate who had come with me if she could e-mail him the pictures she was taking, we agreed to this and after he finished I left. A week went by before we realized Isaac hadn't given us an e-mail address. So we returned to the studio to retrieve his e-mail address.

While we were waiting for him to get off the phone with a client I stared at the curved bells, wishing I had my navel pierced. I stared at the bar bells for so long the lady at the front desk asked if I was ok. I blushingly told her I was fine. I noticed that there was a beautiful silver colored barbell with a dark teal gem in it. The more I looked at it the more I wanted it. As my roommate got his e-mail I spoke with the piercer (Vicki). I asked about the cost and what colors she had sterilized already. I was thrilled to realize that she had one of the dark teal ones sterilized and I could be pierced with it. At this point it dawned on me that I was 18 and I didn't need my parents' permission I handed over my check card and paid for a navel piercing.

I nervously followed Vicki back and watched as she cleaned the area and prepared for my piercing. I was almost shaking as I stood there watching her. I wasn't sure why I was so nervous, I hadn't been anywhere close to this nervous when I got my tongue pierced nearly 6 months before. Vicki asked if I was sure I wanted the color I'd chosen and if I was sure I wanted my navel pierced. I said I was sure I wanted the dark teal gem and that I'd wanted it done for nearly four years. I lifted my shirt and relaxed when Vicki remarked that I had a perfect belly button and that it was dead center. It took her several tries to get me marked up perfectly straight and she kept needlessly apologizing. When she finished she asked me to step in front of the mirror and judge whether or not I thought it was straight.

After I gave my approval she asked me to sit down. We both sat down and she put the clamps on my belly button and turned to pick up the needle. I heard a metal clank and I thought she'd dropped the needle, I freaked out and sat up looking to make sure she wouldn't attempt to still use it on me. I looked down and my panic only reduced slightly, it was a screw. She picked it up and nervously looked at the chair examining it for where the screw came from. After deciding it came from the chair arm, she set the screw aside and washed her hands again and put new gloves on. She returned to pierce me. She told me the normal procedure and made sure I breathe. I warned her before hand that I have a bad habit of holding my breath when I get pierced or tattooed or even just hurt. After she pushed the needle through my skin I took an huge deep breath and held it. Don't forget to breathe she warned and I breathed out as she inserted the barbell. A few minutes later I walked out, the proud
owner of a new belly button piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Ancient+Art
Location: Blacksburg%2C+VA

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