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Peace out man~ A multi-navel experience.

Peace out, man!~ A multi-navel experience.

I am no stranger to the needle. At the time of this experience, I'd had 8 piercings performed. A meager amount compared to a lot of denziens of BME, but enough to give me a good enough amount of experience so that I could go into this piercing with a good head on my shoulders.

It started when the bug to have some more work done landed on my back, rather than me seeing pictures of the piercing and growing a desire specifically for it. I didn't want anymore facial piercings, and I was still finishing healing some cartilage piercings, and since I'm a minor I'm not doing any of my private bits. This left me with some limited options. But don't get me wrong, I fell in love with it when I found it while browsing about on BME. The standard navel piercing never really appealed to me, but I loved pictures of people's navel projects. The standard navel has become more of jewelry to me than modification, it is very commonplace. Not that this is too much of a problem as far as mods go, but I wanted something a little more personal. I determined that I would get three~ The standard, and two lower, similar to the look of a peace sign. In fact, I have plans of getting custom-made jewelry to put in it when it heals. I've got a little bit of extra weight, so I was

always nervous of the idea of getting a navel piercing, I was much too self-concious. I lost some weight though, so I figured~ Hey, why not? Go for it, finally. I showed up at White Lotus (my shop of choice. They've done amazing work on me thus far, I trust Jeff to put a good hole in my body.) and told him what I wanted.

I went to the familiar piercing room, and he started the arduous process of making the marks. He's got a good eye, and he concerns himself with precision. For whatever reason though, I simply couldn't stand still, making matters just that much more difficult. Probably because I wore high platforms that day (great idea, especially since I was doing a lot of walking around afterward. Wear comfortable clothing when you get pierced, kiddies!), things were easier when I took them off. Finally we decided on good placement. Two lower, and one standard, all about equal distance from eachother. Perfect.

Since I was out with a few friends at the time, I had to pick one to bring in with me while the actual piercing took place. They were making me roll with laughter, and this wouldn't do well for the piercing process, if you want to understate it. My boyfriend and best friend rock-paper-scissored for it, my boyfriend won and came in with me to hold my hand. Can't really say he won though, his hand was jelly by the end of it.

The piercing process was relatively standard. Everything was sanitized beforehand, he laid out what I should expect, risks, and the like. He started with the standard navel. It was easy enough, thanks to the adrenaline pounding in my body. However, the next two weren't so great. Adrenaline had slowed down, and I was feeling the pain about threefold. I had to take a break for some water before the third one, it was that bad. My piercer was very calm and understanding, and let me take the time that I needed. Feeling the jewelry being threaded through was excruciating. I bled thoroughly afterwards, really thick blood as well. Stained the entire area for the rest of the day, which was slightly annoying. Placement is just ever so slightly off... you can really only tell after close examination, but it still pisses me off a little. But really, I forked over 150 dollars for that set of piercings. But, what can you do I suppose. He worked hard to place it right, and it does look ama

zing, really.

This was just over a week ago at the time of writing this. Healing it has been a complicated process, to say the least. My pants interfere with it a bit since some rest at the level of the piercing, and I can't really exercise with it yet, which promotes healing. Sweat gets to it, and clothing tugs on it. I've been cleaning it with Dragon-Mist Topical spray, showering regularly, and soaking the crusties off with salt. It's still early on in the game to judge how this is going to turn out, but as it stands, it's mostly good. And so pretty as well! Gives me a bit of incentive to keep the weight off. My bug to have a mod done has been satisfied, and very happily so.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jeff
Studio: White+Lotus
Location: Fredericton%2C+NB

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