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My Second (and GREAT) Navel Piercing at 45!

I am writing this, not because I think that there is anything different about my experience but because I want to let people know that the piercer does make all the difference in the world...

I got a navel piercing about 13 years ago at a tattoo and piercing studio in St. Pete, FL while I was on vacation. My friend and I thought it would be pretty cool while our husbands got tattoos. And we thought we were so brave! Anyway, they took us in the back and I went first. Long story short, they did an awful, unprofessional job. I didn't know that at first, just that it hurt more than any pain I had ever known (I have 2 children). When they clamped me, it felt like intense sharp pain and when they pierced, it was like fire. It took the piercer about a minute to just get the needle through and she was twisting and turning to force it. She said I had a lot

of scar tissue. I am not sure what she meant by that because I had never had it pierced before. But, like I said, I didn't know any better then. I got a ring and went on my way. It hurt so much that day and night that I couldn't sleep. And it never really stopped hurting. I did the proper cleaning procedures but it never healed properly. It weeped for months. After 3 to 4 months, I was told by another piercer that it was too deep. Suffice to say, I took it out and was done with piercing.

Skip 13 years in the future. I am divorced and my boyfriend of over a year starts talking to me about having my clit hood pierced. Yeah right! That's a-happening...Not! I told him about my awful experience, and how I really did want that navel piercing. However, that being said, I was not about to put myself through that kind of torture on my private parts. No way. But, then again, it did kind of intrigue me. So, in my inimitable way, I go on the internet and start researching clit hood piercings. I tell my boyfriend that I would be willing to at least talk to someone about it. So, he tells

me to go see Dusty Hill in Knoxville. He is the owner of Biotech Organic Art. He said that he has a great reputation, and was a piercer with a medical background. So, after researching clit hood piercings and getting myself near scared to death, I went to see Dusty. He was phenomenal! He spent about an hour and a half discussing the ins and outs of piercing and what went wrong with my first one. He explained the piercing of my clit hood in detail (my body was only suited for a vertical) and I told him that I was going to think on it. He said that, in his opinion, I should try another navel piercing first - kind of like to warm me up. I thought, a great idea! So, I made an appointment and went back a few days later with my boyfriend.

I was petrified! What a baby. But, I laid back on the table and my boyfriend held my hand while Dusty showed me all the sterilized equipment. My heart was beating fast but I laid still while he cleaned me up and clamped me. No pain at all from the clamping - I barely felt it. He told me that I should breathe in when he told me and let it out, and he would pierce. So I did it and it was NOTHING! I barely felt a pinch and it was done. The jewelry went through and that was it! No pain at all. I couldn't believe it. I almost cried. Dusty was so nice. He talked to us for about 5 more minutes while he insisted I just relax and not try to move too quickly. He never rushed me at all! I thanked him, gave him a tip and left. It is 5 hours later and I washed it and still no pain or soreness. Not even a bit. I am so thankful and grateful to Dusty. And so is my boyfriend because now he knows that he will get his pierced clit hood - I am not scared anymore!

The next saga to this story is this - my boyfriend, not to be out done, is going to have his nipples pierced on Monday! I am very excited about that. He has a gorgeous, shaved chest and he is going to adorn it for me. I feel very excited that he is willing to do that to please me. So, keep tuned for our second step stories. I am very confident with the fact that we will both get through these new piercings with ease.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Dusty+Hill
Studio: Biotech+Organic+Tattoo
Location: Knoxville%2C+TN

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