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Here's Hoping for Third Time Lucky

This tale is about my third attempt at navel piercing. I originally had my navel pierced in 2001. I was 16 at the time and everyone at school had theirs done so of course I had to have mine done as well. I had really wanted my tongue pierced, but my mum wouldn't budge so I thought that a navel piercing was better than nothing. I had the navel done and also tried to have my nose pierced but I chickened out when I had a gun shoved near my face. Finally a couple of months (and constant nagging) later, my mother finally caved in and let me get my tongue pierced. By that time, my navel piercing was red and infected so I took it out and it left a scar which never completely healed over.

Fast forward to December 2007. I started having the piercing urge again. I also wanted to reward myself for the 33 kilos I had lost over the past few years. Not necessarily to show off my navel to everyone, but more as a symbol to myself of my hard work. My mother was fine with it as it was my own money and said I could do what I want (At 22 I should hope so!), however, living under my grandmothers roof she flatly refused as she said it was stupid and I was destroying my body. Finally she caved in after I explained to her that I was still the same person as before and that I would not get anything else pierced. So again I had my navel pierced, this time at a different place as I had moved interstate a few years ago.

The piercing never worked out from the start. It became infected twice and I had to take oral antibiotics for it. Then a couple of months later, I had accident at the gym where the piercing was nearly ripped out as I was changing the seat at cycle class which messed up the healing process and it started to reject through the skin. The skin around the bar was getting thinner and thinner until you could nearly see the bar through the skin. I knew that it was not a good idea to let it fully reject itself through the skin so I took it out and let it heal over.

So now we are at a few days ago. I had been rubbing Vitamin E oil on the site twice a day and had an injection at the doctors to soften up the scar tissue. As I had just commenced holidays from uni I thought it would be an ideal time to try and get it re-pierced again. The previous time I had taken my mother with me to provide moral support but I knew the process this time. I went back to the same place but this time was pierced by a different person. I had previously been to him a few times to try and rescue my last piercing and he had been very helpful so I thought he would be the ideal person to try and attempt my navel again. He had a look at the navel and said that the tissue was still very hard and that if I wanted my piercing to work, the best idea would be to pierce behind the scar tissue. Of course I wanted my navel to have the best chance of working out this time so I agreed. He told me I needed to have a long, curved bar as it would be pierced further up than last time so I selected a bar with a blue gem at the top (They did not have any with gems at the bottom in stock but I was impatient).

I sat in the chair while he took everything out (which was packaged and sterilized). He then measured my navel both lying back and standing up. He then proceeded to clamp my belly and put the needle through which hurt quite a bit, but it was over very quickly. He then put the bar through and put the ball on top. I went over to the mirror and saw that the piercing was much further up than last time and that the bottom of the bar came just below the start of my navel. It looked just wonderful. He then went through aftercare procedures again, I then thanked him and left.

It has now been a few days and I am still in love with the piercing. Once it has settled down a bit I will go back and get a bar that has a gem at the bottom as well. I do not want to do anything to disrupt the healing process. I am hoping this time that it will finally work out and not reject. Here's hoping for third time lucky.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Anders
Studio: Flesh+Impressions
Location: Queensland

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