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Piercing my True Navel

Since the craze of navel piercing began, I wanted to pierce mine...BAD!! There was one slight problem. I have an outie. Now, one could get into specifics and say it is a middle-ie, but then that could begin a long debate about whether or not there is such a thing. The point is, there were stories circulating that said those with outies cannot get a piercing. I think it was the risk of a liver infection or serious rejection and scarring. Maybe that was true, or maybe the risks are an urban legend. Regardless, I was determined to get my navel pierced.

Just to place a picture in your heads, my navel looks like that of a Cabbage Patch Kid (the doll). However it does not stick out like that of the doll or a pregnant woman. If one looked at my stomach from the side, he/she might think I have an innie. If one faced my stomach, he/she would think I have an outie. If you are still confused, draw a circle on a piece of paper. Next draw an "X" in the center of the circle. Basically, that is what my navel looks like. It is a circle with an "X" in the middle of it. Innie, Outie, it's all semantics. I have a belly button.

After much research and mulling over the pros and cons, I decided to just do the piercing. I didn't go to a professional because I didn't want to be turned away, or become some piercer's project because he/she rarely pierce outies. I wanted to be in control of the piercing experience.

I went to the drug store to buy rubbing alcohol, sewing needles, and a tool kit. The rubbing alcohol was to disinfect. The sewing needles were to pierce. I used a clamp from within the tool kit to assist with the piercing.

When I got home I quickly ran to the bathroom. I rolled my shirt up and stoked my navel with my index finger. Maybe I was saying goodbye to it's pure and untouched form. I dipped a Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol, and disinfected my navel. I took the clamp and used it to grip a needle. I placed the needle on the top ridge of my navel (recall the circle and "X" diagram), with the expectation that it would exit through the center of my navel (the intersection of the "X"). With latex gloves on, the procedure began. I pulled my navel out and tied it with a rubber band so that it would not retreat to its natural state. At this point, it looks like a real outie. I gripped my now protruding navel with my left thumb and index finger. Using the clamp, I clamped down on one of the several sewing needles. I took the clamped needle to the top ridge of my navel and pushed down on an angle.

Initially there was pain, but I also saw and felt the needle going through the navel.I pushed the needle through the navel successfully, and the pain was minimal. I took an small gold hoop earring from my jewelry box and placed it in the pierced spot. My navel was pierced.

I untied my navel and watched it slowly retreat to its normal state, with a piece of metal going through it. I took another Q-tip and swabbed my navel once more. It looked totally hawt!!

The next day I decided to show off my new piercing in the gym. I wore a shirt that was tied to show just enough of my abs, but not all. At the very bottom, where the shirt and skin met, one saw a gold glimmer. I ran, then did some weights. I gym regular stops me to say hi. I'm chatting with him, and, of course I want to say "look at what I have!!" Instead, I arch my back slighly so that the gold hoop is totally exposed. I also rested my hands on my hips with my fingers near my navel. As we were talking I noticed that his eyes would occassionally look down to my stomach. Finally, he breaks our conversation by saying, I'm sorry, but I have been staring at your abs. You should show off your abs more often! Now that could have either meant I have nice abs, or that my piercing is cool.

I never really got blatant compliments about my piercing. I suppose it is silly to think that on would run up to you and say, "nice piercing". That only with the guys I was dating.

A year later, the piercing is still in place. I pierced my true navel. Plus there are several others with their outies pierced, therefore I don't hide mine as often. That is my True Navel Piercing story!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Sunday, December 30, 2018 @7:27 p.m.
Good experience! I felt identified! :)

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