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Ignorant Navel Piercing.

The idea of getting my Navel pierced first struck me one day in maths about a year ago. A girl in my class was whispering to her friend about it and showed her. It was amazing! I was intrigued immediately. I turned to my friend and asked her opinion on them. She too, liked the idea of it. We were dead set on getting them done together – and soon. Unfortunately for me, my folks are quite anti-piercing. After many hours of begging and pleading, I managed to persuade them on letting me get it for my 16th birthday, 7 months later. But, I really wanted it so I was happy to wait.

7 months seemed like quite a while to me, so, to keep myself occupied, I ended up getting an Inner Helix and a Rook – without my folk's permission. As the date neared, I got pretty excited. I asked my boyfriend, who's taking a piercing apprenticeship next year, to come and watch (and to hold my hand, I'm such a wuss!). A few weeks before hand, I reminded my mother of her promise, and she flipped. No way was I allowed to get it done! So, I told her (very nicely) that I would get it done, without her permission if I had to, as I knew the studio wasn't very thorough and didn't check I.D. or ask for permission (which I realise now, is a bad thing, you shouldn't trust places like this).

The day came and my mother had finally accepted. She said she wouldn't like it, and told me to get cool red jewellery if I could. I bussed into Takapuna and met my boyfriend. We walked over to the studio and asked if I could get a Navel piercing. The lady said the piercer would be there in half an hour so we set off for the beach to waste time. We got back, and I freaked out. Although I already had 7 piercings by now, this was my first non-ear piercing and I was going to chicken out. My boyfriend however, reminded me of how much I wanted it and so I continued up the stairs with him following. Gloria, my piercer, was busy doing a four-year-old girl's lobes when we entered. The little girl was so good! She didn't cry- until AFTER she was done. So after picking out a surgical steel bar with a blue jewel, we went into the tiny piercing room. Gloria offered the little girl to watch her pierce me, without my consent, but I was okay with it anyway. All four of us were in this teeny
room and she placed the bar in some sterilizer and told me to stand against the wall. Then she put some gloves on, without washing her hands, and marked my belly. It was perfect placing, first time round. I suspect she's done plenty of these as it's just down the road from my all girls' school. She got the sterilized needle from the packet and clamped my belly. She warned me that there may be bruising from the clamp and it would be completely normal. I came in really wanting to watch the process, but when she actually did it, I couldn't bring myself to watch. So, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath in and-


'Really? I didn't feel a th-'



I swear I could feel it go through every layer of whatever's there. It hurt, but it was more of a pinching feeling. Friends have told me it only hurt because I tensed. So after the needle was through, she took off the clamp and told me to lie down. The little girl was staring wide-eyed at my belly, there was a needle through my belly and it was SO COOL! I wanted to watch her change it to the jewellery, but again I couldn't without feeling sick. This part hardly hurt and she managed to screw it on pretty tight easily. I sat up and immediately lay back down. Like the fool I am, I hadn't eaten beforehand and I felt really dizzy. I looked at it and could've sworn it was slightly to the left. Luckily, it was just my imagination. After 10 minutes or so of just lying there relaxing, I got up, paid the NZ$50 and walked off to go get some food. Gloria didn't give me any written instructions on aftercare. She just told me to wash it in the shower with the Protex soap I had gotten from
her earlier this year. It's been about a month and a half and it is perfect. I love it.

However, she could have done a better job in her procedure. As my boyfriend filled me in afterwards, I can repeat what he told me. First off, Gloria didn't wash her hands before donning the gloves, and if she was really clued up she should have. The jewellery wasn't autoclaved and was taken straight out of a display case, with bare hands. The piercing room itself wasn't a very sterile environment, and cross contamination occurred many times. In all honesty, I'm just lucky I didn't pick up something nasty from that shop, and I doubt I'll be back there in a hurry.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Gloria
Studio: Destiny%27s+Hair
Location: Takapuna%2C+Auckland

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