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horizontal navel piercing

I got my piercing done on total impulse. I was walking around Toronto with a friend who wanted something done, so we checked out a lot of studios and nobody seemed to have any openings.

There was one place we kept walking by because it looked kind of sketchy, but in the end she was so desperate to get something done that we went there anyway.

The piercer seemed like he knew what he was talking about, and my friend was nervous but still really determined to get something done - so, to try and ease her nerves, I agreed to get something done as well.

I asked him about hip piercings, but he said that because I had no other body piercings, he wouldn't do that to me because i wouldn't be able to take care of it. Fair enough, I thought - and if anything, it made me think he was even more professional. So I asked him what other kind of weird shit he could do, since I didn't want something that everyone else would have.

That's when he introduced me to the horizontal navel piercing.

I agreed to get it done and he said he would do my piercing first. I sat upright in the chair, he put on a pair of gloves, sterilized some stuff, and did it. The actual procedure is sort of a blur because I found myself staring up at the ceiling for most of it. I looked down halfway through because he'd stopped and I thought he was done, but as it turns out he had just LEFT THE NEEDLE dangling from my flesh so he could readjust his gloves. When he finished, he bandaged it up and I got up. I was a little dizzy, but otherwise fine.

My friend chickened out of getting hers done, which was fine with me because my piercing really looked good.

He had me sign a sheet saying I was 18 - when I'd already told him I was 16. That was when I started sketching out a little. Then, when I saw the fake IDs they sold at the counter, I realized that this might not have been the best place to go, but whatever. I paid a cheap price and walked out, taking a good look at the bongs they sold near the door on the way... Yeah. Perfect.

I wasn't really sore, and I cleaned myself every time I went to the bathroom - like the piercer had told me to do. I used watered down peroxide, like he'd told me, and it seemed alright.

Then, about 2 months after I got it done, it started rotting out from the middle. I was told this was normal and it would go away, so I didn't think much of it. I even went into a place called Waycool Tattoos and had it looked at by the piercer's apprentice, who said it was fine.

Well, last night - now 5 months after i got the piercing - the rot from the middle of the piercing shifted enough that one side ripped through the center. I decided it was time to get it looked at again.

The piercer at Waycool was in this time, and when he looked at it he was absolutely appalled. He even took a picture to use as a reference for "what not to do".

The angle of the piercing coming out of my navel, because it was a hoop, was about 45 degrees, which meant it was going to reject. The guy piercing me before had only used one pair of gloves through the entire procedure. Peroxide is terrible for use on your piercings. You shouldn't clean piercings more than twice a day. The guy did a surface piercing on a 16 year old, which is apparently not good.

I learned all this as the piercer at Waycool removed my navel piercing.

He told me all the shit to heal it up, and I'm going in later to get him to do a custom ear piercing for me instead, since my ears are like deformed and I didn't think I'd ever be able to get anything done to them because of it. I talked to him about micro-dermal anchoring as well, which you have to be 18 for, so we'll see.

Then again, all of that might not happen at all - I'm awaiting results from a blood test to see if I have hepatitis. I didn't get the vaccine and I have a weak liver, and this piercer obviously didn't know what the fuck he was doing.

I feel really stupid, and I should - do your research before you get shit done, and not just on the piercing you want. Get information on how it should be done and what you should look for in a piercer. If you can walk in and get a piercing done without them telling you they're all booked up, it's probably not the best place to go.

Most of all, know yourself and your body. If you have a weak liver, make sure you know. If you don't have the vaccinations, make sure you know.

I might be paying for it big time.



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on: 01 Sept. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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