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Navel Piercing Consultation #2

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge piercing junkie. My first piercing was my Helix about 3 years ago and I have gotten 4 more ever since (Horizontal Industrial - most painful and I count it as two, nostril, helix and of course Navel) and I am planning on getting many more.

I really wanted to get my navel done I've been obsessing over it for the past week, well actually that's a lie I was first obsessing over the tongue but I backed out because of my braces however, I did consult my dentist and he gave me the okay (sort of) haven't gotten it yet but I shall very soon. Anyway after finally settling on the navel I went to my usual piercing studio New Tribe I got consulted and I was told my navel wasn't the best for a piercing. He told me that he would not put a barbell at all and that it might heal better with a ring. He went on and said that there is risk of me scarring and told me to go home do some research and then come back. Here's some important information, I am not the skinniest girl around but I am also not the biggest (Note weight does not matter for a navel it's all about the anatomy). During this consultation I was self conscious of showing my stomach to this stranger so I decided to suck it in as hard as I could BIG mistake. So he re ally truly didn't see my navel in its true form. Besides I was not getting a good vibe from him (I just think he didn't want to pierce me) at all so I am glad I went home it took a lot but, I did it. I recall reading a story on here about a girl who got a piercing (I believe it was a tongue) and she was not getting a good vibe at all from her piercer and things ended up not going too well. I think her story did come up in my head and I am very glad I backed out. It took a lot out of me because I am one determined girl it really hurt to walk out of there but like I said I am glad I did it.

4 days later I went to another piercing/tattoo shop in downtown Toronto with a friend to get her tongue done, we were suppose to get it together but that obviously didn't happen. I went into the shop and asked about their prices and what not and I met one of the piercers. All the piercers there are girls (thank god) and I told her about the situation and went in and she took a look at my navel. She told me it was fine and she has no idea what the last piercer was talking about. She has a surface neck piercing and she was told by another piercer that her neck was not suited for it. She showed me her piercing she had it for a year and it healed fine. Her relating to me like that really convinced me to just get it done and besides she did give me the okay.

I did all the paper work and so forth went in with my friend Jay and her sister. She did all the markings and she told me not to touch it and I stupidly did! I laid down on the bed and she counted me down and it went in. No pain what so ever, none! It surprised me it was exactly like my nostril no pain at all, just in and out. She put in the jewelry and off I went. I got it done (with a barbell thank you) and it looks amazing I am in love with it. Planet Ink is definitely my new piercing studio, they seem to bring in all types of people, besides all the piercers there are female which make things much easier; I am definitely done with New Tribe. If anyone ever rejects you for a piecing get a second opinion because it may not turn out all that bad.

It is now a week and it is healing fine, there isn't any sign of rejection or moving. The first couple of days I had to make minor adjustments such as not sleeping on my stomach and moving my stomach in certain positions. However once the third day hit I was able to sleep normally. When this one is healed I plan on getting another navel piercing (the lower one). Well I hope this story helps anyone in a relatable situation...

and remember piercings are really for you and not for anyone else so don't listen to what others say...



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: I+forget+her+Name
Studio: Planet+Ink
Location: Toronto%2C+ON

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