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My Navel Piercing

In the long run i have always wanted a navel piercing, it has always been a pleasure to look at my sisters navel which has been pierced. Navel Piercings are excellent and they look really good so i have always wanted one. My navel is quite a nice shape and tanned. I really like those cubic zirconia white gold navel rings. All of my friends have one so i really adore them. One of my friends the other day wanted a dangling a ring so i went along with her to the mall and bought her a navel ring which was very very very beautiful. Me and my friends went to the mall and we picked out the most nicest looking tattoo parlor. As we entered I saw so many navel rings in the cabinet and I picked out some of the ones I really really liked.

I went to get my nails done at the local store and waiting on the bench I remembered that 3 of my friends (Jane, Jenny, Samantha) were at the tattoo parlor waiting for their navels to be pierced. So while I got my nails done I decided to get it done. After reading a magazine in the nail salon I saw that many celebrity's have their navels pierced. Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, and many others. I really liked the design of Paris Hiltons navel rings so I decided to get it done. Once my nails have been done I went navel ring shopping. In the mall there is over 6 Jewelry shops and I went to every single one just to find the perfect ring. I think navel rings are quite funnily shaped though they look good once they are inserted into the navel. Any way I went to one store I had a look around and found a diamond in the rough. A white gold cubic zirconia navel ring, 60 dollars.

I found it good looking and not very expensive. I made my way to the parlor and with a sigh of relief that all my friends were still waiting to served. Jane went in after waiting 20 minutes, after about 5 minutes she was back and showed us her beautiful piece of jewelry in her stomach. My navel was quite a similar shape to Jane and hers turned out quite well. I was getting a bit sick so I went to the chemist and got some mints. I went back with fear so I decided to go back to the toilet. After those interruptions I went back to the piercing parlor, by then Jenny was inside the room and getting hers done. I could hear her talking and laughing. I knew that she was having fun so I was quite happy about that. I have never seen a navel piercing being done so I was quite nervous about that. After about 3 minutes Jenny came out with a nice gold ring.

I was quite fond of this as well as the others. I really like gold rings though it can be a bit dull at times so I think my ring looks quite good. I was allowed to go in with Sam and so I saw how it was done. First they clean the navel and around the navel, the man put a clamp around the navel and then he got the needle and struck it through sams navel. He put a cork at the end and put in the barbell. After all that he twisted on the baring top. It looked really good so while they were paying I got ready and started taking in some really big deep breaths. He man came in and asked me how I was, I replied back great. He got started and wiped the navel area with a wet towellete I was quite happy on how the place looked. The man then marked out a spot on where he wanted to pierce it. He clamped it up and started to push it quite hard. It started to hurt so he asked me to take a couple of deep breaths while he got the needle ready.

He came back and within 2 seconds I found a needle in my navel. Previously I had given the piercer the navel ring that I have bought and now he put it in my navel. I came out of the room and started talking to my friends. They were very happy of their navels and they really liked my decision of what jewelry I had previously bought. One thing I was realy happy about was that I could no only share it with my self but with my darling boyfriend. Piercings are realy addictive so I might even get another piercing (nose) in the near future. The piercer I had was great I will be back in the near future thanks to a great result.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jono
Studio: North+Brighton
Location: Sydney

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