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First real piercing

I had first gotten my lobes pierced back in second grade on mother's day, but after a couple months they got infected and I took them out.I had no interest in getting them or anything else pierced again for a long time.

But at the beginning of my sophomore year a lot of my friends had started to get piercings.I liked the nose rings (which was most common at the time) but what I really craved was a navel.

I didn't tell anyone for awhile, but when I was visiting my dad in Los Angeles, he asked me if I wanted him to take me to get something pierced.He suggested nose or lip, but I didn't think I could pull off the lip and the nose was too common.That's when I mentioned the navel to him.

He thought it was a little sleazy, but if I wanted it he would call my mom and talk to her about it.Well, of course, she said no.But my dad (bless him) tried to make some kind of deal with her that would allow me to get it.So after a short conversation, my mom agreed with my dad that if I got higher than a D in Biology, I could get it done.

Now that may sound like an easy task, but for me, it wasn't.I was failing that class at the time and I thought it would take a miracle for me to pass.

Well, summer break rolled around and we found out I had gotten a C- in the class.I was ecstatic.I didn't think my mom would hold up to her end of the bargain, but she did.

I wanted to get it done asap but I wasn't 16 yet.So I had to wait until I had gone to Georgia for three weeks to visit family and then come back.

It couldn't happen soon enough.The day I turned 16, me and my mom went on the half hour drive to go to the shop.I wasn't really sure what to look for as far as good piercing places go, but it seemed nice enough.It was very clean with a lot of open space, which I took as a good sign.

So my mom filled out the forms and whatever else.Went to the back.He asked me if I wanted the top or bottom pierced.This was before my obsession with piercings had started so I had no idea what he was talking about.I didn't even know the bottom could be pierced!So, not wanting to sound like an idiot, instead of asking, I just answered 'top'.Luckily that was the one I wanted, so no problems.Anyways, he marked my stomach.Had me lay down.Mom left the room since she gets nauseous.Tells me to breathe in and out and it's done.

The pain didn't really phase me, I think the fact that it was sore afterward was more of a bother.

So for the first few months everything was fine and dandy.And then that's when the dreaded bump appeared.I'm not sure what caused it to appear because it hadn't been knocked around or anything like that.I figured it may have been because I fiddled with it way too much.I wasn't really sure what to do about it.Every time I moved my ring around some very light (almost clear) green discharge would come out.It grossed me out and worried me because a friend of mine had to take her navel piercing out due to rejection.The bump had also caused my piercing to move over to the left a significant amount.It wasn't noticeable to anyone else, but I could tell and that was enough to bother me into wanting to remove it and get it re pierced.Luckily, after doing some research, I realized that as soon as the damn bump went away, the piercing would move back.

It was then I remembered that the same friend had gotten the same bump on her nose and used tea tree oil to get rid of it.Of course, wanting to save my piercing, I had my mom go out and buy it (and the stuff isn't cheap).It came in a little bottle with a dropper at the top to control the amount that came out.

I began applying it 2-3 times a day on a q tip.It burned a little at times but I thought it meant it was working.At first it turned the bump hard.Then it would get smaller and it would be less red and then it would go away.And then it could come back! It probably did that about three or four times before it finally went away for good.

I have since gotten my double cartilage and inner conch pierced.I think seeing how lovely my navel looked it made me want other piercings.The next piercing I plan on getting is my tragus.

I haven't had any problems with my navel since the bump trouble and it is now completely healed.I definitely recommend this to anyone who wants it but I will tell you right now, LITHA works best!


submitted by: hop_on_wop
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Christian
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