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Did I really want it...

About two days ago I got my belly button pierced. I hadn't wanted it ALL my life, in fact I really only started wanting it at the age of 15 and really considered every possible way of getting it since I was underage at that time and I did not dare to ask my parents. Finally I turned 16 but the friend I wanted to go with had not yet turned 16 and so we waited until the summer came...and here it was..finally my time to get the belly button piercing I'd been waiting a year for, but did I really want it?

Me and a couple of my friends went down to adrenaline which is a professional tattoo and piercing place downtown. The shop and the people there were really nice and friendly and you felt completely safe, not at all sketchy. I had to wait for the friend that was also getting her belly button pierced and while I waited I began to think. Of course by this time I still hadn't asked my parents if I could get it or not but I decided it would be better just to not ask so I didn't feel as if I was going behind their back.

I was looking at the jewelry but didn't feel the same excitement I felt last year whenever I passed by a jewelry store hoping they would pierce by the age of 15. I began thinking that it wasn't such a good idea because I had done tons of research the night before and read about all the serious infections you could get from just a small piercing in your stomach. My friend who was going to get her cartilage pierced forgot to bring her ID so she couldn't get it done and I was very close to not getting my belly button done but my friends kept pushing me and pushing me and saying how good it would look and how it would be fun and everything.

I thought about it and decided I would wait until my friend arrived and ask her if she was still going to get her piercing. Finally she arrived and by that time I was super nervous and could barely stand. She had a few questions but nothing too overwhelming and so me and her finally decided it was the time to get it done...but I was still not excited, but of course I was stupid enough to not let that stop me.

We waited for an hour and finally my friends name was called. We all fled into the room, which was spotless and really really bright (the kind of light that makes everyone look hideous). The piercer (a nice woman who's name I never knew) did whatever it was they do when they pierce someone and finally she was done. It looked beautiful and she was really hyped. Then it was my turn...still no excitement, just fear. I thought that maybe it was because I was about to get a needle stabbed into my stomach and replaced with a thick ring that I could even die because of. That was part of the reason....but not the entire reason.

Finally mine was done. Not happy. It looked nice and everything...but it just wasn't how I expected to feel at all. Everyone asked to see it and then it began to bleed. This scared the living daylights out of me but the piercer and all my friends said it was completely normal and healthy and everything. So I didn't worry..AS MUCH. After I got cleaned up I felt really sick and light headed and thought I was going to faint. I felt a little better after sitting down in air conditioning and getting a bite to eat and a cool drink but I still felt horrible.

I decided I would bus back home with a few of my friends. We got back to the area we live and we decided to get dinner. Usually I would be laughing and having a great time, but I was still thinking. It was a heck of a lot of money, $96 for the piercing, jewel and cleaning kit and when you realize that you didn't actually want it that much it seems like a huge waste. My friends were noticing the difference in my attitude and kept asking me what was wrong and I was too afraid to say the reason.

I realized the reason about a couple minutes after my belly button had been pierced and it was that: I didn't want it at all.

So basically: I did something my parents would hate, I wasted tons of money, I risked getting seriously ill all for just a pink gem in my belly button which no one can even see most of the time and some even consider to be slutty.

I decided the best thing to do was to tell my mom, just to at least get the guilt off my chest. I got home and my mom was in a good mood, which should be good right? Wrong. When my mom is in a good mood it is very rare and so when she's like that I like to keep it like that. So my opportunity to tell her passed at the speed of light and I was left with a terrible night filled with fear, guilt and pain.

The next day I followed the routine of keeping infections away and read some frightening health risks on the internet caused by belly buttons and regretted my piercing even more. The whole "fun" aspect had completely disappeared for me and now I only wanted to take it out.

I still felt that same guilt and I still feel it to this day. Hopefully tomorrow I will build up the courage to finally tell my parents what I have done and maybe a miracle will happen and they will like it and I won't get a serious infection and die and I will even start liking it too and everyone will stop thinking its slutty other than the old women who still live in the past.

All in all, I beg you, if you are about to get your belly button pierced MAKE SURE YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT IT and make sure your parents are completely okay with it. REGRET AND GUILT ARE THE WORST FEELINGS in this world and you should do anything to avoid them. So please, make sure that getting a belly button ring is really what you want and you are not just forced into getting one and don't let anyone pressure you into doing so. But other than that, belly button piercings can be really pretty and cool and I think they look great on some people and I think it looks fine on me, I just don't think it was the best idea for me to do it without letting my parents know.

please let your parents know!!!:) happy piercing!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2008
in Navel Piercing

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