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Navel at 15

I've always loved body mods and think they're beautiful. The symbolism and their origins have always fascinated me. Before getting my navel I had only had my ears pierced, which I later gauged to 00. Which is ok, but for me I was out for more. It's pretty addicting, trust me.

So my 15th birthday was a week away and my parents had been asking what I wanted to do. Mind racing for an answer, it slipped and I said "get a new piercing"? Dad said no and Mom said maybe. My original intention was to get my nose pierced, after I told my mom she felt a facial piercing was too extreme, extreme? HAH. So she suggested my navel and I gladly accepted. Of course we would be doing this unbeknownst to my dad.

So for that agonizing week of waiting, I looked up many stories on this site and found numerous pictures. Doesn't everyone do that before a piercing?

The day before, I slam open a phone book and dial up Skinlab and ask for their hours and prices. The next day I get ready and my mom, my younger sister and I head for the shop. I remember getting their and it must've looked funny walking in with half of my family. The guy behind the counter asked who was getting what done. I told him what I wanted and he said ok and handed my mom papers to sign. If I remember right it was $40 for the piercing and the jewelry.

The shop wasn't very big but it was decent. After sitting there for about 20 minutes (it seemed longer), the guy finally comes out and tells me it's my turn. I followed him to a room in the back with my mom behind me. I lay down on a doctor-looking chair and he washed his hands and put on gloves. He also put something on the gloves; he told me but I don't remember what it was. Then he opened a new package with a needle and a package with the barbell. I don't remember if he had autoclaved them though. Mistake on his part.

As he was preparing things he talked to me like I had known him for a long time. He was really friendly and made me comfortable for the most part. He told me his name was Robert and he asked me some things such as my experiences with piercing and whatnot. He had massive plugs and I thought they were amazing compared to my baby gauges (14's at the time).

He told me to lay back and relax, and he used a cotton swab with antibacterial stuff to clean where he was going to pierce. I had butterflies, not out of fear, mostly just anticipation. He marked the entry and exit points with a marker and he showed me the clamp and said I might feel a bit of pressure. I had read other stories about pain with the clamp but I have a high tolerance and I felt nothing. I remember looking at that needle though, a big curved looking thing. My mom was standing nearby and she was nervous and scared about it. It made me laugh that she was more nervous than I was.

With one hand he clamped my skin and said to breathe in deep and that he would count to three and to breathe out slowly on three. So I did and on three he pushed the needle through. It took less than a second for it to go through and I felt a little pinch but that was it. I was surprised that there was no blood. He was surprised at how calm I was and that I didn't tense up. He slipped the needle slowly out and had the barbell ready. He pushed it through and I was done.

Before I left he told me that I could come back and that he would change the jewelry for me. He also told me for the aftercare to go and buy some bactine and to rotate the jewelry a little when I'm in the shower. Mom took me to Longs I believe it was and I got a bottle of bactine.

I got home and found my dad asleep on the couch, when the door slammed he looked up and I was playing with the barbell. I couldn't help it, and he flipped out but eventually got over it. It really didn't sting the first day and it didn't swell much. I was happy and I couldn't stop looking at it.

The second day I took a shower. I was washing my body and when I got to my stomach I accidentally knocked the jewelry in a downward motion. It stung to say the least but not unbearably. I was more cautious with showers after that though. So I rotated and there was a little bit of crusties but they washed away. I cleaned the piercing 2 times a day or more because I played sports, and other than a little bit of crusties I was fine.

The piercing healed in about 6 weeks and after knocking it once it never happened again. Now 2 years later I still love my piercing and am in love with the way it looks. Next piercing I get done will be my snakebites. I will be getting them in August after my 18th birthday. Oh the wait, but it will be worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Robert+i+think
Studio: Skinlab
Location: Visalia%2C+CA

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