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Navel Piercing Take 2

When I was 18 I had my belly button pierced as a birthday present from my parents. A boyfriend I was with at the time told me he did not like the piercing so I took it out soon after I had gotten it done, that was a big mistake. It soon healed but I noticed some scar tissue where it had been. Well as could be predicted by anyone that boyfriend and I broke up soon after and I really missed the piercing. I wanted it done again but I had heard such bad things about other peoples experiences with having the piercing done twice it scared me away from going for it. I had heard it was so much more painful because of the built up scar tissue so I was extremely nervous.

Fast forward to today, I'm now 23 and married. My husband is not really all for me being pierced so I was nervous about talking to him about getting this done. He is very conservative with his look. I had recently lost almost 20 pounds and I'm planning a trip to Hawaii next year so I think a belly button ring is well deserved.

My husband is in Vegas for the weekend so I thought if I was okay with him going to Vegas with friends for the weekend he can be okay with me getting this done. Sure enough as soon as I called him and talked to him about it he surprised me and told me he was fine with it. I was so shocked so I figured I had to go right away and not wait and give him time to change his mind.

I researched a good piercer in the area around Aurora (I just moved here last year) and found a tattoo place right near my house that had a great reputation. I was a little skeptical because the shop was in the mall. I headed over and just looked around for a couple minutes to get a feel for it. The shop was clean and there seemed to be nothing shady about it. I had a good feeling about my decision to go there. I spoke with the man at the counter and I told him what I wanted and he said it would not be a problem. I always get nervous with piercings and tattoos when I am waiting. Soon enough it was my time. Dan came out and asked if I was ready, I gave a nervous sure and walked back. He introduced himself and asked my name. That relaxed me a bit because I have had piercers who just made it such a cold impersonal experience so that always seems awkward to me. Dan took me back to the room where he'd be piercing me. I explained to him about my concerns with the scar tissue, he sa id it should not be an issue with having it redone.

He cleaned off my belly button which always feels weird, and marked the top and bottom of my belly button to guide where the piercing would be. I laid down on the table and got myself some what mentally prepared for what was (or at least what I thought was) about to happen. Dan told me he was about to put the clamp on then he put it on. The butterflies in my stomach where on overdrive at this point. Then he told me to breath in, hold it for a second and then release it. WHEW As I breathed out I felt something happen but if I had not had it done before I would have swore I was not pierced yet. It was nowhere near painful, but I do not even know how to describe it. I knew something happened but it in no way hurt. He asked if I was alright then began to take the needle out and put the banana barbell with the pink gem in. He cleaned it and asked if I was alright. I even surprised myself at how OK I was, I normally get a little lightheaded. I told him I was fine so I stood up. I looked at it in the mirror at my new piercing, as he gave me the typical taking care of your piercing talk and handed me the pamphlet with all that information.

I paid, tipped and left. It was a great experience. I'd even say this experience was so much better than my original navel piercing or even any piercing I have had done before (the previous piercings include tongue, industrial and nostril twice).

If you're in the Denver-Aurora area I definitely recommend Under Your Skin and Dan. The shop is clean and Dan is a great piercer.

Always remember - tip your piercer/tattooer.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Dan
Studio: Under+Your+Skin
Location: Aurora%2C+CO

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