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my cute navel piercing

Alright well I guess I'll start out by explaining what inspired me to get a needle shoved through my body. I always get Victoria Secret catalogs in the summer, and it just happens that it was the swim issue. I needed to pick a cute bikini ( I'm going to Miami in a month). As I was looking through the pages I noticed that one of the models had her navel pierced. I always wanted one I just didn't think I would ever get one. I though it looked really cute and feminene. And it would be perfect for Miami and my boyfriend finds those really sexyy. So I got it stuck in my brain that I needed to have one.

I'm sixteen, so to get my navel pierced it would require parent permission. My mom is not light on these kinds of things so I knew what her answer was going to be before I even asked . I decided I had nothing to lose(except my dream) so I asked. Of course her answer was 'no' follewed by a dissaproving, evil look. I explained to my mom that I can take it out whenever I please and that it won't be branded on my body forever... unlike say a ... tatoo. Her answer was still a flat-out ugly NO. She said that girls with their navels pierced are 'bad' and 'dirty'. Hmm okayy.. Despite my constant whinning and annoying tactits, her answer was still no.

Finally, on a rainy day I asked her one more time saying it can be my birthday gift. She thought about it and agreed!! Well my birthday is in October... and being a spoiled Scorpio that I am... October was just too damn far. Make a long and boring story short she agreed to take me 4 days ago.

On the day of my piercing my mom had to go to work, like usual. waiting for her to come home was torture... when finally she came home I couldn't be more happier. I got extra -ready and we left the house. My mom's friends daughter recommended a place in a mall(that's where she had hers done). So we went there only to find out to my dissapoitment that they had to close the thing down!! my luck I thougt, so many obsticles I had to over come.. I thought maybe a piercing is not such a good idea after all... but anyway I proceeded to find another place. I remembered a place I saw while driving around with my friend. Jade Dragon in Chicago. It wasn't far from my house and I constantly heard that it was a nice and clean facility.

So I took my mom there. We found it with no trouble. We got to the place, and I got a bit intimidated and the three-buff-and-tatooed guys didn't help. We went inside to find it a bit scary (I'm not into tatoos) and mostly this was a tatoo joint. Bunch of Tatoo drawings and pictures covered basically ever inch of the walls. Luckily there wasn't a lot of people there.. just some guy sitting probably waiting to get a tatoo. This really tall and big guy came up to us and asked what I wanted done. I told him, and he asked me how old I was. sixteen I replied, and he asked if this was my mom. Obviously it was, so she had to fill out some form and give him her ID which he made a copy of. After she filled out the form, he told me to pick out a jewel. ( he wasn't very nice or talkative) I asked him which one would be best... and he said anyone from here would do.. now I though to myself.. I know not to get anything fancy or dangly at first since it would put a damper on the healing pro cess. so without his help, My mom helped me chose a really cute barbell. it had a silver ball on top and cute pink jewel on the bottom. Perfect! I thought, pink is my favorite color. He then gave me a choice from a few other barbells saying to pick one because he will give me one for free. I picked a purple one since there wasn't much to chose fromm.

He then led me to the 'back room' it wasn't really a back room just a bunch of stations with those dental looking chairs and tables. my mom came with me. by this point I was getting nervous and scared. Some other guy that worked there asked me what I was getting done and I told him my navel and he said it wouldn't hurt, and the guy doing mine said how would you know, you got yours pierced... and they started laughing and so did I because obviously the guy didn't have his belly pierced, but he did have lots of piercings. So anyway, I lifted up my shirt and he wiped it with whatever... I don't know... then he marked a spot of where the piercing is going to be with a marker.. he put the clamp on... which didn't hurt!!! I don't know why everyone says that's the worst part.. and it hurts so much, in my opinion it didn't hurt at all I didn't even feel it on which was on for quite a while. he told me to hold the clamp while he was getting the never before used needle out of the seal ed package. after that he had me lay down... I closed my eyes and held the handles of the chair as hard as I could. I felt the cool needle touch my skin and felt it go through my body. I wasn't in shock or in pain.. I was relieved! I was relieved it was finally in and over with! he then put in my barbell throguh a see-through tube that was still in my body after the needle was through... he then took the tube out and screwed the ball. I didn't feel him putting the barbell in or screwing the ball... unlike others who hadd painful experiences with theirs.

He then gave me a bunch of free stuff.. like a mug, key chain, stickers, and business cards... oh and the disenfecting anti bacterial soap of course. I was feeling a littl light headed but so happy!! Deff. no regrets...

it has been couple days since I had it done. its not red or sore.. GOOD ADVICE to those who havnt pierced it yet.. DON'T, don't clean it right after you come back... wait 24 hours because if you clean it with the antibacterial soap when you come back from getting it done.. the soap will burn and sting like a b*tch. I made the mistake of cleaning it because I was eager to and the stinging and the burning was un-believeable.. I almost fainted, no lie, I felt so bad and light headed. I had to lay down on the bathroom floor because I was getting so dizzy.aside from that awful experience.. so far its been good. I clean it twice a day only! don't over clean it, that's almost as bad as not cleaning it at all... I do the salt water treatments also.. I was reading how some peoples are really red and sore, and thank God mine isn't.

It doesn't hurt anymore when I clean it. It feels 'tired' haha, sore-like.. but it looks soo awesome! I love it! I can't stop admiring it, its really cute and sweet. My boyfriend likes it too! My mom likes it now too! haha. My friends are jealous (those who don't have it pierced) and I'm going with my bestfriend to get hers done next week.

If you live close to Chicago or in Chicago and want to get your navel pierced then I would recommend going to Jade Dragon, its on Belmont. Ask for Fred too if you want since he did mine, and he did a really great job! I'm so happy I have it, and I treat it like my baby ha-ha, so to speak. Don't touch it with dirty hands, don't even touch it with clean hands, just when washing. I know I don't want to get an infection so I'm pretty much really careful with it!

Girls, I won't say it doesn't hurt at all, because it does hurt to some point or another, everyone is different. But just because you are going to feel slight discomfort for a mere 10 or less seconds don't let that stop you from getting it done! it looks sweet! you'll love it<3 hope my experience will help lots of you decide if you want one yourself or not. good luck<3

love, adrianna.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 July 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Fred
Studio: Jade+Dragon
Location: Chicago

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