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I was so scared

A few years ago I had my nipple pierced, and I didn't have a particularly good experience. It took forever to heal and caused a lot of discomfort, its fine now but it was enough to make me incredibly nervous about getting another piercing.

 I had wanted my navel pierced for a long time, but kept putting off after the pain I went through with my nipple piercing. I had discussed it with my boyfriend and he thought it was a really good idea, but he didn't really understand just how bad my nipple had been. I spent a lot of time looking in the mirror and reading reviews of other people who had gotten it done and didn't seem to think it was so bad. I talked about it none stop, I couldn't get the idea out of my head, but every time I thought about it I got really bad butterflies. Still, I plucked up the courage, feeling ill all day before hand (baring in mind I am a total wimp) and made my way to px piercing's on stowell street. I had read I lot of good reviews of the place and heard good things from friends too.

 I felt sick all the way there, but eventually made it, only to be told that they were on holiday for a week! Argh! I couldn't believe it, I had to wait another week. Well you can imagine what I was like for that week. I almost talked myself out of it. But the idea just wouldn't go away.  Anyway, eventually I made it back, persuading myself I was only going to talk to them about it.

I went in and explained that I wanted by navel pierced, but that I was incredibly scared and that I had had a bad experience in the past. They were both incredible and made me feel so much better, I mean don't get me wrong the butterflies were still running wild but the total panic had subsided somewhat. They asked me about my last experience and told me that it shouldn't have been like that and that navels aren't like that at all.They explained to me that there were a lot less nerve endings in the tissue around your navel and that this meant it did not hurt too much, then told me that they could do it now if i wanted as they had half an hour till the next appointment. This was the best thing they could have said because it would have taken a serious amount of courage for me to have made it back a third time.

I nodded, yes I want it done. The lady (I can't remember her name but she was really nice) said she needed to have a look at my belly button and she cleaned it and marked it, asking me if it looked alright. I was sure she knew best and just nodded, I think my brain had shut down by this point. Then she sprayed some antiseptic numbing stuff on to stop it from hurting so much. This made me feel a little better too. I mean anything to help right? She told me to lie down and my heart started racing 100 miles an hour. They said my boyfriend could hold my hand if he stood at my head, which they don't normally let people do, but obviously made an exception for the wuss. The guy told me they were just putting the clamp on, and I was lying there thinking "crap crap what the hell am I doing, this is gonna hurt so bad." The clamp just felt cold, nothing at all. Before I knew it......

Now, just take a few deep breaths.

I was so tense, clenching my teeth, braced and then............."Oh, is that it?"

I couldn't believe how little it had hurt, after all that build up and panic. It was over so quickly, putting the bar in was the most uncomfortable bit, but even that was nothing.

I had some small discomfort while it was healing, mainly if I caught it, and again with sleeping because I'm weird and sleep on my front, but all in all it healed really quickly for me and looks so pretty. I did make the slight mistake of trying to change the jewelry to early, which I shouldn't have done. I had a nightmare getting it back in, won't be doing that in future. Just be patient and wait until its properly healed. Its a year on now and its all healed up beautifully, only took about 2 months to heal. I'm a very slow healer by the way. Now I can change the jewelry very easily and I'm so glad I got it done.

Now I really want my vertical hood done, and I'm still feeling like a wuss, but I'm going back to px when I pluck up the courage. They were both so lovely and professional.

Definitely the place to visit in Newcastle.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: px+piercings
Location: stowell+street+%28china+town%29+Newcastle+upon+tyne

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