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Belly button piercing = Beautiful!

The thought of getting my belly button pierced has been in the back of my mind ever since I can remember getting my cartilage pierced when I was about 12 years old. I've seen the pretty jewelry in the mall whenever I went. I`ve seen the belly rings on the beach when I went during the summer, and I craved for the time when I could get mine done.

It was about 1 week after my 16th birthday and I had some money to spend, it was finally a perfect opportunity to get the piercing I wanted for so long. I went down to a tattoo studio known as X-tremities, with my friend. I had bought my own navel jewelry before going to the studio (@ Claries, 14g stainless steel barbell). It was a busy and very clean place. I knew I could trust it.

One of the employees asked what I would like to have done. Without hesitation I said my belly button. The price of the piercing was 60 dollars (including jewelry). But, considering I had bought my own jewelry the price was dropped down to 40. Next, I signed some forms; you had to be at least 16 or over to be able to get the piercing done yourself, without parental permission.

The place was amazingly clean. They sterilized everything for about an hour before the actual piercing was done. They placed all the new packages in a steaming "oven" of some sort, which, of course was meant to sterilize everything.

When it was time for my piercing to be done, the person who was going to be doing the piercing, Mimi, brought my friend and I into a room. She was extremely nice and seemed very experienced. All the utensils she was about to use were freshly opened and placed on a clean stainless steel tray. Everything was still hot when she took it out of that "steaming oven". I remember seeing the needle she was going to use placed in a antibacterial gel beforehand.

Mimi told me to look straight ahead while she marked me up. She told me exactly what was going to happen and how it would feel. I wasn't nervous at all. As I went to lie down, my friend was holding my hand. Mimi, then, clamped the skin that was going to be pierced, people say that clamping usually hurts, but to me it didn't. I think it's just because I take piercing really well. Mimi lined up the needle to the marks and told me to breathe in and then... out. The piercing was done. To be honest, it didn't hurt a bit, just a little pinch, near the end and it was over. My friend told me, I didn't even squeeze her hand. The most painful part was putting the jewelry in. Mimi said, sometimes, peoples body's react to piercing like a splinter and reject the piercing by closing shut right away. Because of my body's reaction to the piercing, it started to bleed. She stuck the needle through again to open it up, which I didn't feel at all and followed through with the jewelry.

After it was done, I had no trouble standing up or bending over or anything to be honest. Mimi then told me how to take care of it, advising me NOT to use alcohol or any peroxides which can create scar tissue. Instead I bought the antiseptic right from the store for 5 dollars and I walked out perfectly fine.

A few days later no redness showed up, although it was sore. I cleaned it regularly (2 times a day) and no crusting or scabs showed up either. It was 2 weeks later that the redness and scabbing showed up, I believe this is because the jewelry got caught onto my shirt when I was changing, and it got pulled down. I just continued to clean it regularly and the redness is now going away.

It's only been about 3 weeks now that I've had my piercing done and I think it's really beautiful. I love to show it off, at every opportunity I have. It's the best piercing I've ever gotten before and I plan on keeping it. The piercing is no longer sore anymore or red or scabbing for that matter. I never get tired of looking at it and I recommend this piercing for anyone who loves their stomach.

I`ve had no problems with it what so ever and it looks to be healing very well.

As for the tattoo studio I went to; it's an extremely clean place. The employees make you feel relaxed and welcomed. They do almost every single type of piercing there, from ear lobes to clit hoods. If ever, I decide to get another piercing, it will definitely be there, where I'll get it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 June 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Mimi
Studio: X-tremities
Location: Mississauga%2C+Canada

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