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Navel out of spite, and kept it for beauty.

It started when I had seen a girl on the train with one on, it wasn't flashy with dangling jewels or the the playboy bunny symbol. It was a black banana bar, it looked serious and femnine at the same time. I admired it so much in her, I wanted one of my own. That was when I was 16. I had become obsessed with working out and eating right so it would look as flat as the girl I saw on the train.

It occurred to me on my 23rd year, that I wasn't getting any younger nor my stomach wasn't going to get any flatter. There's a slight bulge but it's not model flat and every advertisment I've seen had these concave belly jewels nestling inside of an innie belly button. When I decided to get it, I had run it by my boyfriend at the time who is into piercngs on girls, and he said "You better tone up before you get it, maybe you should start to diet and excersize more." We argued about how sh*tty that was to say, I had gone to bed angry and even more determined to get it. Right then.

I had gone to Whatever before and they were a hybird shop, they do ink and piercings there. It was well lit with a vast array of body candy in display cases. And more importantly, I had gotten a tongue and labret piercing there the two years ago and it healed clean and relatively fast. I thought, why ruin a good thing? and I went there again. I was so angry with the naysayer that I had woken up bright and early in the morning with determination and a burning desire to see it through. No second thoughts.

The doors were open an there was only one girl there. She wasn't familiar face nor had she ever pierced me before, yet she was te only one here at the time I had showed up and thought "Ok, its not like I have a loyalty to who pierces me." She was a bit intimaditing because she was intensely clacking away on AIM and looking like for all the world like she didn't want to be bothered. But I spoke to her anyway breaking into her reverie. She didn't look none too happy but she got up to talk to me anyway. I asked her if she did piercings And she said, "Navel? Yea, I can do that."

I laid down on the reclining chair she had in the back with numerous pictures of various piercings that were fresh, none of the people's expressions were ones of twisted pain which was reassuring. I was familiar with some of them already being that this was the only area they did piercings. I had a choice of which jewelery I wanted she opened all packages in front of me, swiped me with some yellow foul smelling substance,( probably disinfectant. Then she marked me quickly with a non-toxic black fine point marker on the inside of my belly button and on top, she didn't clamp it down which I was expecting, in my mind is the worst part of getting things pierced. And then she just shoved it through while I was lying down. It didn't feel painful, it just felt...curious.

The aftercare was simple but it ended up being a bad healing job. It was dry and crusty but juicy around the top of the hole but not on the underside. I waited in pain everytime it touched the edge of the table, or slumped in my chair even slightly. T- shirts brushing it caused a light threatening pain. The ball of the bar was always crusty with healed over skin stuck on the wound untilI sat down in which case it would dislodge the hole and it would start to puss and bleed. After a night of restless sleeping because I tend to roll over a lot and when I would get to the part where I was on my belly I would have a terrible time of falling back to to sleep waking up tired and cranky. I had to go to a dermatologist because I thought it should have healed in six months, only to find out the was metal was full of nickel content and I was having a allergic reaction. While the dermatologist told me I had to take it out and let it heal, I was being rebellious and kept it in whil e taking the medication and creams and it healed within a week as if it were healing for six months. I changed the bar to a titianium bar which was easier to find then a niobium one.

I wouldn't hesistant to have it done all over again, but I would definitly change the jewerly in two weeks after I got pierced, instead of sticking with what they gave me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: A+butch+girl
Studio: Whatever%2C+the+one+in+St.+Marks
Location: New+york%2C+Ny

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