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Navel at 36!

So, I had admiring pierced navels for quite a few years and was always jealous at those who had them. My biggest problem was that I was about 80 pounds overweight and in my opinion, I didn't want to get something so feminine when I wasn't looking so feminine.

So in May 2007, I got on the bandwagon and decided to start exercising and eating right. During the last year, I hadn't thought too much about getting my navel pierced because I was so obsessed and focused on losing weight (and once I get obsessed/focused about something – there is no stopping me). So fast forward to January 2008....my 15 year old daughter wanted to get her cartilage pierced. That got me to thinking about the navel piercing again. But I didn't feel my body was looking quite like I wanted it for the piercing to look great. My tummy has been the hardest part to slim down...I have lost about 10 inches from the area, but it's not quite flat yet.

In April 2008, my husband and I went to the beach for our 10th anniversary and I was so excited because I was able to wear a bikini – and once I put it on, I knew that I was ready to get my navel pierced. There were several women on the beach with theirs pierced and I kept thinking how good they all looked!

So for the next few weeks, I started obsessing about getting my navel pierced. My husband was completely against it. I already have 7 tattoos and I guess he just didn't want me to get pierced – although no real reason was given. He went out of town for a couple of weeks and I woke up one day and said "Today is the day!" So my daughter and I drove to Sadu in Charlotte, NC – about 35 minutes from where we live.

I was a little nervous when we got there, but after we got there and talked with the lady at the counter, I beginning to feel at ease. My daughter was going to get another cartilage piercing as well – so it was going to be a mother/daughter type bonding experience! She ended up not doing the cartilage after all...that's another story!

The shop is really nice, clean and well organized. I picked out my jewelry and took a seat as we had to wait for the jewelry to be autoclaved. Corinna called me back and she explained what she was going to do and honestly, I was so excited about it, that I don't remember a thing she told me!! I remember her putting the clamp on and sliding the needle/jewelry in, but I don't remember if that was painful – my adrenaline/excitement blocked it my mind, I guess.

It only took a few minutes and I was standing up looking in the mirror admiring my new piercing. My daughter was so excited that her mom had something so cool! Corinna told me about the after care and gave me an instruction sheet and my initial bottle of H20. I am glad she gave me the instruction sheet because I was still so excited that I didn't hear what she said. I paid my fees and tipped Corinna, then we left and headed out for dinner.

My tummy was sore for the next week when ever I tried to bend over so I had to be very careful with my motions. I sit a lot at work and some days it was uncomfortable. It hurt to turn a certain way and with the seat belt in the car. I religiously cleaned the piercing with H20 and antibacterial soap in the shower every day. That first week had a lot of the whiteish discharge that is normal, but of course, me being the obsessor, I called Sadu back to make sure it wasn't infected. I had to leave my pants unbuttoned and tucked into themselves so that they wouldn't rub my new piercing.

When I saw my husband the first time after getting my navel done, he was not happy. In fact, he hasn't said a word about it since I initially showed him. Of course, he sees it every day when I get out of the shower or am in my bathing suit in the pool.

I've had the piercing for right at a month now and my biggest problem is the exercising. Because I work out pretty hard, some moves (like ab crunches) hurt a little. I still clean it three times a day with the soap and H2O and this past week, I started soaking my piercing in the H2O before I go to bed. I think that definitely has helped and wished I had done this a couple of weeks ago. It's not really sore any more unless I do a lot of repetitive motions.

I LOVE my navel piercing and I don't care what others think! I have worked hard to lose over 60 pounds in the last year and I thought this was a great way to reward myself for all that hard work! I still have some weight to lose, but I'll get there...eventually!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Corinna
Studio: Sadu
Location: Charlotte%2C+NC

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