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Don't do this at home

Before I got my navel done I had two piercings in each ear lobe and two in my left cartilage.  I consider my navel to be my first real piercing though because it was the first time I was pierced with a needle instead of a gun, and babies are getting their ears pierced by the doctor's at birth these days! 

I was only fourteen or fifteen and my parents would not sign for me, so I had a friend do it.  Looking back, that was a big mistake, home piercings are not a smart idea, and looking at some of the other piercings this person did, I got lucky, I don't know how mine turned out so great. 

I went over to her house one night and she had me lay down on the bed, she took a bunch of needles out of this box and checked to see which one was the sharpest, and then she began stabbing it into that mattress.  I asked her "why the fuck are you doing that?" and she replied, "I'm sharpening it." Don't worry guys; this story ends better than it starts.  Then she took a lighter and heated it up to sterilize it, I was freaking out but she said she's done tons of bellybuttons and none of them have ever gotten infected except this one girl named Kelly because she didn't take care of it. 

After the needle was "sterilized" she marked with a pen where she wanted the needle to come out and asked me if I was ready.  I replied unsurely that I was.  She began to push the needle through and at first it went through pretty smoothly until she got to the last layer of skin, she then had to take both of her thumbs and push and that's where it began to hurt, it seemed to take forever and I asked her if she could just stab it through real quick or something. 

Finally she had the needle all the way through and I could feel the relief running through my body, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.  She grabbed a bellybutton ring and put it in the end of the needle and pulled it out, that part hurt the worst, as it has with all my piercing since.  She then screwed the ball on and told me to get up slowly. 

I got up slowly and went and looked in the mirror, it was a little red but other than that I loved it!  I was really scared to touch it or play with it for a while but she told me that moving it helped it heal because it would scab around the jewelry instead to the jewelry. 

I was told not use peroxide on it and just keep it clean with dial soap which I did, it was only a little sore afterwards (probably because I played with it and admired it all the time), the only time it really bothered me was when I was drying off and I would forget it was there and catch the towel on it, then it wasn't really painful as much of a shock to me.  

One thing  to keep in mind about this piercing is that from mine and friend's experiences it tends to grow out  on occasion. My friends who used peroxide had a bigger problem with this than I did.  Since mine is healed I can go without wearing the jewelry, but on occasion when putting it back in there a really thin layer of skin to push through that you don't even feel.  When I it seems like it is growing out, I just take the jewelry out or change it and it seems to be fine.  

I really enjoy changing the jewelry and experimenting with different dangly ones, I'm kind of sad that people only get to see it when I got swimming unless they ask me about it, and it's a nice way to show off my abs.  I would be careful that you don't get it caught on anything because its harder to pierce through scar tissue, the scars are pretty ugly, and I've heard its painful when it gets ripped out. 

From what I've heard this piercing gets infected easily if you don't clean it, mine never did but you can tell when you don't clean it for a day because it will stink like your ears do when you gage them. I don't think this piercing is really as painful as some people make it out to be, although there are certain circumstances such people piercing too deep or funny shaped navels etc. Thanks for reading, and I would definitely recommend this piercing, but make sure you get it done by a professional!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Navel Piercing

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