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Bonding With Steel

I've held a keen interest in body modification for a few years now. Like many BME readers, my interest was nurtured by browsing the abundant archives of pictures and experiences hosted here. I had known for a while that a navel piercing was on my long list of desired mods, and it would probably be one of the few that I would be permitted to get while I was still under the control of my parents. Before yesterday, I was mildly adorned with zero gauge lobes, a nostril piercing, and many (too many, maybe) scars from cutting.

My school had its graduation ceremony yesterday, so I had been in a foul mood for the entire weekend. I cried a lot at graduation, and again in the restaurant my parents went to afterwards. I'll probably never see over half of them again, as I live so far away and they're beginning their new lives. I still can't get over that. I figured that the piercing would probably be the only thing that could heal my mood, but mom had forgotten my birth certificate, so we figured that wouldn't even happen. Nevertheless, we finished out meal and drove on to Tat-Nice. Dad asked the tattoo artist for a back piece for my baby sister, (jokingly, of course) and then mom revealed her surprise; she planned to get her navel pierced with me. I was shocked - she had already said she didn't want to have it done for a few years. I was excited, but also nervous that we wouldn't be able to have it done, as the piercer was away at a wedding.

Finally, one of the artists got a hold of the piercer. He made it into the shop about twenty minutes later. Mom was reluctant to be pierced - he was rushing about, and she figured he would do it too hastily. We were called back, and I reassured her that he was probably just trying to make up for making us wait on him.

I laid down in the chair first - a little hesitantly myself, I must admit. I had heard mixed reviews about the piercer. He marked me, clamped, and pierced - all within a minute or two. I really didn't feel much pain; the clamps didn't bother me, and the needle was like a continuous, hard pinch. It hurt a little more when he was fiddling with the ball on the barbell. It was probably one of the less painful things I've ever done or had done to myself.

Mom laid down next, and the procedure was just as quick - she made an awkward face, but said it wasn't painful. We were so excited to have done something like this together (probably because it was such a struggle to convince her in the first place), and chattered about it for the rest of the evening.

We paid, took pictures, and left. Unfortunately, we forgot to tip him- but I don't feel too horribly about it. A few weeks earlier, he had quoted the price for a piercing with a barbell as $40 dollars. When all was said and done, he charged us $50 each. I justified it as a tip that he charged himself.

Now that I've came down from my piercing high and examined it a little more closely, I've noticed that it is smaller than a fourteen gauge. For whatever reason, he pierced both of us at sixteens.

I'm a little worried about the piercing now. I'm afraid that maybe it was a little low, although I've seen some with less space than I have. I'm also afraid that it might be too shallow - I can feel the bar through my skin with just a light stroke, and no pressure. I'm not sure if it was because he pierced it shallow, or I snagged it in my sleep. Aside from occasional brushes and even rarer snags, I've only messed with it to clean it. It's still rather sore, and I suppose that keeps me from fiddling with it!

Despite all the issues, I'm still crossing my fingers and holding the hope that it will turn out well. It's a mark that my mother and I will remember, as well as a piercing that I have admired for a long time.

I had heard reports that Dom was somewhat haphazard and constantly high, even while piercing, which made me nervous. One friend claimed that he had pierced her industrial improperly, and another said that her tongue piercing was pierced crookedly. I followed through with it, though, and am (cautiously) happy with the results. I suppose it just highlights how potentially damaging rumors can be, which disappoints me. He was very thorough in explaining the procedure, and directed us to a store that we could purchase H2Ocean from.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Domenico
Studio: Tat-Nice+Tattoos
Location: Huntington%2C+WV

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