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An Unplanned Piercing

I had always liked belly button piercings, since I was 12 I think. I would go onto this web site and look at the pictures and read the stories and I was always jealous when I saw people with it. I had even asked my mom what she would do if I asked her if I could get my belly button pierced, she said that she would say no. I then had lost my interest in the piercing around mid-year last year.

One of my best friends was over at my house and we had been talking about wanting certain piercings, and I had mentioned I used to want my belly button. We decided to go to Venice that day, and I'm not exactly sure why we wanted to.

Once we got to Venice, Ariana (best friend) and I got out of the car and started walking around. We wanted to find a piercing shop so that she could get a ring for her cartilage piercing, which was then a stud. Once we found the shop we needed to, Ariana asked if she could change her earring, and once that was changed, she decided to get her tragus pierced. She had to fill out a form and then she chose a ring with a small ball. She decided to get it on her left ear, where she already has four piercings on just her earlobe. The piercing was quick and Ariana said it didn't hurt at all.

Then we went to lunch, and we spent about an hour or so eating. Ariana convinced me to get my belly button pierced, because she wanted me to get something pierced like she did. I had barely any money left, so I asked the person we were with if I could borrow $20.

Ariana and I then walked back to House of Ink and I asked if I could get my belly button pierced. I filled out the form and then she took out the jewelery and I couldn't decide between a plain silver bar or a silver bar with a black stone on the bottom. I ended up choosing the bar with the black stone and then Jackie (piercer) told me to stand so that she could mark the place. She asked if it was in the right spot, and I looked in the mirror and then asked Ariana if it looked good, we both agreed that it was fine. Afterwards, Jackie told me to lay down and said to relax and just breathe. I closed my eyes and I didn't feel the clamp but I knew that that was what she was doing. Jackie told me to take a deep inhale, and then to exhale. I felt a sharp prick, but then all I felt was a sort of tingling or burning feeling. The only other part that hurt was when she was putting the ball onto the bar. I stood up and felt very light headed as she told me the cleaning procedures. I had
to wash it twice a day in the shower with an antibacterial soap and do saltwater soaks twice a day for 10 minutes by suction cupping a cup or shot glass to my stomach, in between the soap cleanings. She informed me that I could change the bar in 4 months, but that it takes about 6 months to heal, but that I should clean it for a year because even if it seems healed it can still get infected. After she had told me how to clean it, we left the shop as quickly as possible because we were late to meet our ride back home to Los Angeles.

It didn't hurt until about 3 hours later where it became a bit sore, but then I cleaned it and the pain went almost completely away. I washed it twice with the antibacterial soap that night and did one saltwater soak. Ariana told me that whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night that I'm usually on my stomach, so I was a bit worried but this morning I woke up and was lying on my stomach and everything was fine. I took a shower and washed it with soap and accidently bumped it which made me catch my breathe, but all was well after. My parents don't know about it yet, and the only friends of mine that do know are Ariana and her friend Sophy.

I recommend this piercing if you want it, it looks really good on pretty much everyone, and if you think it's going to hurt, it's really not that bad at all. I'm being honest, there was some pain, but it was just uncomfortable but it was bearable. Make sure you don't touch it, because not only could get it infected, but it makes it sore.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Artist: Jackie
Studio: House+of+Ink
Location: Venice%2C+California

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