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A Navel Adventure

Getting my navel pierced was a complete spur of the moment thing. I had been thinking about it for a while, but I wasn't sure, because so many people seemed to have it, and I didn't just want to be seen to be 'following the crowd'.

It all happened when I was in town with my best friend. I was talking about piercings and jokingly told my friend I should get my belly done that very day. To my complete surprise (She's not as in to piercing as I am) she egged me on! And of course after that I couldn't resist.

I walked down to the piercing studio, not nervous in the slightest, which was weird for me, coz when I got my conch pierced I was a lump of jelly. (You can read about my conch piercing experience here). I asked if I could have a navel piercing, paid, and was ready to go!

I got into the little room and sat down. The piercer didn't tell me his name but he seemed a really nice guy - he talked me through the procedure and asked me about my friends. In fact, I've been pierced by many different people at Nikki's, and every time I've been 100% pleased with how genuinely nice they are. They seem to like to talk to their customers, rather than just take their money and pierce them.

I laid down on the bed, and the piercer washed his hands and cleaned my belly button. He told me to expect a small gentle pinch as he put the clamps on, and demonstrated gently on my arm so I knew what to expect. When he put the clamps down to prepare for the piercing I barley felt it - it just felt like he was holding my skin with his fingers.

He washed his hands a second time, and opened the needle. Within a few seconds I felt the needle tear though my skin; it was only a slight sharp pain and then nothing. The most painful part had to be when he pulled the jewelry through; I took a sharp intake of breath and held it (I tend to hold my breath when anticipating or experiencing pain for some reason) and the piercer was like "No, don't stop breathing, you have to breathe!" ha-ha. Once it was through, it felt perfect. Not a single bit of pain. Only a slight bit of dizziness, probably the adrenaline!

On the second day after getting it pierced, I started to feel a little pain, but that's to be expected, and it was nothing that I can't manage. It really only hurt when I bent over or knocked it. It was a little red, and I got really paranoid about rejection. I knocked it in my sleep which hurt quite a bit. On the fifth day, I knocked half of my front tooth out at a party. Along with that my body decided it was the perfect time to get the killer of all colds! My poor immune system must have been crippled. My navel crusted over quite a bit and went very very red. I got very very worried.

As time went by I got more and more paranoid about rejection. Eventually I decided that more of the bar was showing simply because the swelling was going down. Since then I haven't noticed any signs of rejection at all.

The only problem I had was the 'dreaded bump'. I got it continuously and eventually after about 8 months of having the piercing, I got the bump to end all bumps. It would not go away not matter what I tried. Diluted Tea Tree oil has worked before, however this time it just made the bump red and itchy. Sea salt soaks didn't work, and neither did leaving it alone or changing the jewelry. I even tried popping It (DO NOT DO THIS! It hurt and made the bump worse.) It looked so disgusting, and eventually after four or five long months of having the bump, I couldn't take it any longer. I searched the shelves of super-drug and found a small orange bottle containing "Bio-Oil". It was expensive, but It was also my last hope. I had really grown to love my piercing and I didn't want to lose it! I was determined to keep it at all costs. I applied the oil 3 times a day without the jewelry in, massaging gently, and within about two weeks the bump was gone. And it hasn't come back!

At last, I can enjoy a pain and bump free navel. I still don't know why the lumps kept appearing - I'm going to put it down to continuously bumping it whilst it was trying to heal. (Yes, I am horribly accident prone!) because I haven't had any problems since. If you get a persistent bump of scar tissue like I did, I definitely recommend Bio Oli. Although it is expensive it worked quickly and I still have tones left! I would also recommend Nikki's Body Art if you live in Maidstone and are not willing to travel far – I've personally been happy ever time I've been, and their staff are polite and friendly!


submitted by: nadiah_x
on: 05 June 2008
in Navel Piercing

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Studio: Nikki%27s+Body+Art
Location: Maidstone

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