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my birthday present

 I've been into body mods since I was around 12. My cousin, who's 5 years older than me, is heavily pierced (1" plugs, 6 gauge septum, snakebites, anti eyebrow, bridge, sleeve tat, and full back piece) I was always attracted to the way he looked and how people looked at him when he walked down the street. By middle school I was begging my mom to let me get pierced, and as one can imagine, she wasn't to thrilled with the idea. It took years but eventually, at the age of 15, she surprised me and told me i could get my navel done, it's the only piercing she wasn't totally against....she has one herself and all.

So we drove to the piercing parlor which I'd loitered around with friends and the cousin many times before. Pincushion is awesome, amazingly sterile, and everyone is so nice and professional. They answered all my questions with a smile and after filling out the standard paperwork, and picking out jewelry, a 14 gauge surgical steel CBR, I was walked back into the piercing room.

By this time i was nervous. Previously I'd only had my lobes done, and with a gun none the less. The piercer, sorry I forget his name, made me so comfortable, he cracked jokes the whole time. Also helping my comfort level was the fact that he changed gloves three times, and had wiped everything off with rubbing alcohol before I sat down. He asked me to lay down on the table, which was sticky and cold, from the alcohol. He placed the dots and had me stand up and check the placement. They were perfect!! My fear floated away and I felt a surge of happiness that I was finally getting pierced. I laid back down and he cleaned my navel with Q-tips and iodine four times. They were cold and I got that weird feeling from him touching the inside of my belly button, but that was the worst part for me. Next he clamped it, which was again cold, but just felt like pressure, not pain. He had me breath in deeply and as I exhaled he pushed the hollow needle through. I felt a slight pinch and then a pop when it came out the other side but I definitely wouldn't call it painful. He put the jewelry in with one swift motion, again basically painless, just odd feeling. He pulled on the ball to make sure it was tight, which I admit, hurt a little, but was well worth it!

I jumped up when he was done, which wasn't exactly smart, because as soon as I did I felt slightly dizzy. The piercer said this was normal, and just from the adrenaline and laying down and such. After five minutes I stood back up, and admired the metal in my tummy. I loved it!! It looked so cute and I was so thrilled with it and had enjoyed the whole experience.

I walked back out into the waiting room feeling confident and great. I went to lunch with my mom, and I have to say that part wasn't exactly fun. My mom's a funny person and laughing while sitting didn't feel great at all. I had made the mistake of wearing a tight shirt. Oops! Other than that I was ecstatic all day and even the next day. I couldn't stop looking at it. I showed everyone that would look my stomach.

I used H2Ocean, basically a sea salt soak, twice a day. I also used antibacterial soap in the shower to remove crusties from the CBR. there weren't that many in general, but on days that I had bumped it or had been wearing a tight shirt, which was stupid of me obviously, or had played with it, it would sometimes get crusty and need a sea salt soak and soap to clean it up. But it healed perfectly and after 7 months, I changed it out to a black 14 gauge curved barbell with red acrylic balls.

To anyone that wants this piercing, it's a great, easy one to start with, relatively painless for me, just odd feeling at times. As always make sure your parlor is reputable and super clean, if it's not just leave, it's not worth an infection. Other than that do your research and just go for it!

2 years later, I still love my navel piercing, and still have never had a problem with it. This first piercing did make me want more, and the piercing bug has bitten me hard since...I now have 6 gauge lobes (with a second hole above thats to be stretched soon,) double cartilage piercings, and a 16 gauge nostril. I'm underage for another 3 months but after that i plan to celebrate with snakebites, and 12 gauge nipples. Tongue is getting done next week!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 May 2008
in Navel Piercing

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